Hunger in Haiti

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Around the world there are many problems. Some of those problems we don’t experience in the country we reside in but in others these problems are very existent. Haiti for example is a Country Christopher Columbus discovered Haiti in 1492 and found it to be already inhabited by a native tribe now known as Taino. He originally called Haiti ‘La Isla Espanola’ which means ‘The Spanish Isle’. The island was originally called Hispaniola which included both haiti and the Dominican Republic and was changed to haiti only after Spain surrendered the Western third of the island to the French in 1967.

However even though haiti had the better end of the exchange in 1967 today haiti is one of the poorest countries in America. Being one of the poorest countries isn’t easy either as Haiti has plenty of problems like lack of education. Did you know that only 53% of Haiti’s population can read and write? Not only that Haiti also has an huge hunger problem. The Hunger in Haiti started in Haiti. In 1971, shortly after Food for the Hungry was founded, they began working in emergency response.

There are plenty of issues contributing to this problem like 2,500,000 Haitians live in extreme poverty. Haiti is the poorest country in the northern hemisphere, because of this most people that live in haiti can’t afford everyday amends to survive. This is a problem and everyone should see it as one. Another problem in Haiti that go have a hand in the hunger problem is ten percent of the richest Haitians possess 70 percent of the country’s total income. According to https://www.wfp.org/stories/10-facts-about-hunger-haiti there are many more problems also.

In Jacmel a port town on the south coast of Haiti. Two women named Felician Srs. Mary Inga Borko and Marilyn Marie Minter serve meals as part of a community-based after-school program for about 60 children. “It is inconceivable not to have a feeding program given the needs,” said Borko. ‘We use everything we get for the children,’ she said recently as a cook working with the sisters served heaping plates of rice and beans to a group of children. Although this is good for the children, this isn’t enough and other people are still suffering. However if the participation continues like this they can help a lot of people

The severe hunger Haiti goes through can be pointed in many directions. Things like soil erosion, lack of knowledge and literacy, and a large population in a small country are some of the problems. Also In 2010 it made international headlines for suffering a horrifying 7.0 magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc on the already fragile country. More than 250,000 people are estimated to have been killed by the quake and since that time, despite the mobilization of aid by the international community and its “Build Back Better” initiative, Haiti has failed to recover. These problems are adding on and on like a pyramid and hunger has been the effect of all these causes.

Even though Haiti is very problematic and is suffering severely there could be a couple solutions to this problem. The WFA (World Food Program) has been active since 1969 and it helps Haiti a lot. For example WFP delivers daily hot meals to 485,000 schoolchildren in over 1,700 predominantly public schools in nine of Haiti’s ten departments. Also Every year, WFP pre-positions food (high-energy biscuits and staples such as rice, beans and oil) before hurricane season, from June through November. This is to cover the potential needs of up to 300,000 people for a month in the event of an emergency.

In conclusion the poverty Haiti goes through just isn’t fair. They have more problems than the whole United states has altogether. Worse than that it looks like the problems will never be solved. There are foundations that try and help support them but that only goes so far. I hope in the future Haiti can overcome the impossible and turn into a healthy country.

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How can we solve hunger in Haiti?
Haiti is a country that suffers from hunger. In order to solve hunger in Haiti, we need to provide food and clean water to the people.
Why does Haiti have a hunger problem?
Haiti has a hunger problem because of its high poverty rate and lack of access to nutritious food. Poor food security is a major contributor to chronic hunger and malnutrition in Haiti.
Why is Haiti so malnourished?
Haiti is so malnourished because of the high levels of poverty and food insecurity in the country. Nearly half of the population is food insecure, and about 60% of the population lives below the national poverty line.
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