How Printing Press Affected the Availability of Books

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Have you ever tried to write a whole book by yourself, copying down what was written in the book you are copying? This is what people before the printing press had to do. Some books would take years just to make one copy. The most important consequence on the printing press is the effects it had on the availability and the access people had to books. The reason why the printing press increased the availability of books was because the books could be made more often and in higher quantities therefore making it cheaper and more affordable for everyone. The printing press was a very important and influential invention that caused many great things to be possible.

One Reason why the printing press had positive consequences is that it resulted in a great distribution of information. Evidence of this is found in (Document 3 bottom part) what it stated is that the printing press made millions of copies of important books that were accessible to the public and no longer reserved for higher class people. To elaborate on this book were no longer rare and expensive, because of the high amount of books being made the price went down in cost. Also they were much more common allowing the common people to afford and see them.

Also as stated in (Document 9) because of the demand to operate the machines this created more jobs for people that didn’t have jobs to get as the printing press was very important and needed people to operate the machines. To elaborate on this because of the printing press spreading literature all over the country many places were opening where the press was and caused many job opportunities for people so they could work. This made no down side to anyone and only positive things were coming from the invention on the printing press as it benefited everyone.

Another reason why the printing press had positive consequences is based off a major DBQ (Document Based Question ) theme of the reformation. Evidence of this is found in (Document 4 Bottom article) as stated in the text, “There is considerable irony about the enthusiastic accorded to printing by the church”. What this means is that the church wanted to print everything and take over the system so they are not exposed to the people for what they have been telling them since the books were written in a latin language that normal people could not read.

The way this relates to renaissance is by not allowing the church to control the printing press, therefore not managing what is and is not shared to the public, reforming the way the church must function also in that time the church was a very important part of daily culture so if the church had been lying about God’s ways the church would be in much trouble when the people found out. Another consequence of the printing press that relates to reformation is found in (Document 8). As stated in the text “ in the first 50 years of the invention three fourths (3/4) of 20 million books were available to general public.

What this means is that the public had a chance to learn from books and will have books of their own because lots were available so it brought down cost of the books and everyone had access to them. Christopher columbus sent a 15 page letter to the king of spain in (document 6). what he said does not relate to the consequences of the printing press but it does relate to another topic of the age of exploration which does ralet to the printing press because the press can make multiple copies of maps and as the press became more popular the invention spread throughout the country.

Another reason why the the most important consequence of the printing press is the availability of books it gave to people. With the availability of books the general people were given opportunity to learn. This is found in (Document 8 Note section) it is stated in the text that “latin and greek became more well known and publisher printed things in the native language so ancient ideas were spread even more”. What this means is that general public learn new languages and publishers could print in many languages that spread ideas and advanced many culture. The printing press helped the message spread much faster due to the ability of copying faster. Also as stated in (Document 9) “modern and current ideas could them be spread more quickly and on a grand scale”. This supports that the printing press was able to spread information around making important information available to everyone.


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