History of Hispanic Cultures

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It’s no secret that Hispanic cultures have had a huge impact on America throughout the years. It’s also no secret that Hispanic cultures have also had influences from previous civilizations such as the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs. Some of these influences include: language, arts, traditions and so on. According to History For Kids: Aztecs, Maya, and Inca for kids at www.ducksters.com “The Aztecs used to be located in central Mexico, the Mayans were located in central America (now known as Southern Mexico), and the Inca were located in now modern day Peru”. Even after these civilizations were taken over by the Spanish, that didn’t stop them from adopting some of their ancient cultural traditions.

The Mayans have influenced the Spanish in a number of ways. One way is through fashion and design. Many of modern Hispanic clothing and designs are actually based off of Mayan designs! Some examples include various architectures, tattoos, art, and different kinds of patterns. All of these and more have been preserved and even expanded upon by the Spanish. Not only has it influenced the different Hispanic styles, but it’s also affected a lot of America’s own style as well as art and designs which were derived primarily after the Hispanic adoption.

The Aztecs, similar to the Mayans have also influenced Hispanic designs and even their language. Another way they’ve influenced the Spanish culture is “through their food and diet as well as sports like football and soccer” says Matthew Gleeson with his article Aztec Religion on www.weebly.com. Aztecs also majorly influenced not only the Spanish, but even the world in terms of technology, various herbs and spices and even medicines, as well as advanced architecture. It also happens that Aztecs also adopted a lot of these techniques and styles from earlier civilizations, which just adds to the history behind everything! Aztec methods have also been incorporated into Hispanic and American traditions (after Americans adopted them from the Spanish) such as farming, travelling and even fighting!

While the knowledge of the Inca is limited, the influence they left behind cannot be denied. In modern day Peru, there are tons of ways you can still see the impact of the Inca that they left behind! Some of these ways include “Textiles, ancient ruins, language, and even various traditional ceremonies”, according to Ethan Gelber in his article Finding Incan Culture In Modern Day Peru at www.ietravel.com. The Incan language known as Quechua (meaning “people’s language”), is still widely spoken throughout the Peruvian region!

While we might not have all the information on these ancient civilizations, nobody can deny the impact it has had on the Hispanic culture and throughout the world. Even to this day people are still learning, exploring and expanding upon the ancient civilizations and their traditions and methods. Despite the affect these civilizations had on the Spanish, the Spanish have also influenced America based on the adopted methods and traditions of the Mayans, Incas, and Aztec tribes.

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