Harlem Renaissance and Zora Neale Hurston

Updated June 14, 2021

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Harlem Renaissance and Zora Neale Hurston essay

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Zora Neale Hurston’s writings are a reflection and a departure from the Harlem Renaissance because she wrote about things that were going on at that time. Also Zora showed how freedom of a majority African American place like Harlem could produce someone as unique and brilliant as Zora. Zora Wrote books about how African Americans spoke during the Harlem Renaissance, to help people understand her stories or books.

Zara was an amazing author and had many books that were known worldwide. A couple of Zora’s Known books are called, “Their eyes of watching god, and, “How it feels to be colored as me”. These two books explained and helped readers understand the daily life as a black person. Because of the fact that what she wrote about was about the Harlem Renaissance, the people who lived in Harlem were familiar about what she talked about in her books.

Zora’s book, “their eyes of a watching god”, Showed a young black Female suffering through many situations. But even though she suffered that didn’t stop her, it actually helped her to grow into a stronger African American Woman. The girl’s name was Janie. “Janie is a beautiful girl with the lightest shade of black which makes her look white, she is a unique character”. Janie symbolizes her long hair that’s what represents her. Mrs. Turner is a character in the book which she always going through the issue racism, or being racist. She didn’t just go through it, she went threw it bad.

Although Mrs. Turner is a black woman who is racist against darker blacks, she believed in Janie’s relationship with tea cake and repeatedly begs her to marry her light skinned brother. “You got more nerve than me, I Just Couldn’t See myself married to no black man. It’s too many black folks already. We ought to lighten up de race.” Said Mrs. Turner, (Zora Neale Eyes, Chapter 16, Paragraph 10).

This Shows How bad Mrs. Turner’s personality is. Racism was a big thing back then. Growing up Janie was confused about her race because nobody ever mistreated her for being black. Janie was always around white people and didn’t think anything of it. “No, I don’t not weep at the world, I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife”, (Zora Neale Colored, Pages 1041). By that she means she isn’t going to get caught up worrying about the wrong stuff and worry about growing into a strong woman.

Zora and her meaningful quotes are stone of growth. It shows the maturity in her. “ ..Humming a song in a mournful key, but wondering through it all where Sykes, her husband, had gone with her horse and buckboard” (Zora Neale Sweat, 2nd Page). Zora’s love life was weird. She was always searching for love and could never seem to find it. Everybody knew who Zora was during the Harlem Renaissance.

Zora Neale was known in the Harlem Renaissance for her great writing style. The Harlem Renaissance helped to redefine how Americans and the world understands African American culture. “Day makes me tired. Always laughing! They laughs too much and they laughs too loud. Always singing old nigger songs”, (Zora, eyes.16, 14, 16 pg.).

Zora Neale Hurston will remembered for her great contributions to the Harlem Renaissance her and a legendary author. She has been a true inspiration to many African Americans and writers of today. African Americans of the Harlem Renaissance had a different outlook on the book, their eyes of a watching gods. Zora rose property to fame and lost it all at the time to her death. Zora is a great author and that’s how she should us the departure and reflection from the Harlem Renaissance.

Harlem Renaissance and Zora Neale Hurston essay

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