About Death Of the Individual In 1984 By George Orwell’s

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In 1984, George Orwell warns of the death of the individual that is caused by theresulting loss of internal freedom when the individual is put under the completeinfluence of centralized power.

However, to truly relate this warning to our societytoday, it must be taken notice that our society is not under totalitarian government.Yet, when at the hands of the apathy and indifference within the individual, oursociety becomes no different. If one doesn’t exercise their freedoms or doesn’tallow themselves to even be aware of them, grace to relative reality, the freedoms ofthe individual will not exist. The only education and knowledge one will gain throughapathy will be of the direct influence of the ruling class, or their own party. So, inthe apathy and indifference among the people, the ruling class gains the power tocompletely manipulate people at large, as generally, people do not beg to differ; afaith is put in the ruling class by the people themselves so they can quite simplyeat up what they are spoon fed.

Peoples lives were devoid of emotions and they did exactly what they were told to do by the order of the party(big brother) they were being watched from the ever present telescreen and hidden microphones that were in there homes, work and even outside. The society was being in 1984 was run by totalitarian government. There were three classes of people the small people and the people with the most power and privilege was the inner party. The people in the outer party had very few comfort but was still in government type jobs they were being looked down on and have hard labor type jobs.

Winston smith the guy that George Orwell used to narrate the story was an outer party member and he is unhappy with his life and he would normally have flashbacks to his childhood days when things were a little different. He used to only take part in party rituals such as the Two minutes hate because he don’t want to disappear forever and become an unknown person. He live in fear and trust no one until he met his girlfriend Julia and start spending time with her he knew what love was and he had happiness.

Can you imagine this world of depression and loneliness. I am so glad we are pass the 1984 because we know our lives would have been miserable everyday but I am glad our world is not like that having people watching us in our daily lives.

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