Fun Halloween Costumes

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In Batman: The Dark Night, the character of the Scarecrow wears a sloppily stitched-together mask with rebreathers, which are used to pump fear gas out to all his patients.

The Dark Knight Scarecrow mask for adults looks almost as creepy as the one in the film, with slots for your eyes to poke through and a stitched-on frown that will scare everyone who sees you.

The character of the Scarecrow dates all the way back to the third issue of World’s Finest Comics, published in 1941.

Over the years, the Scarecrow has continued to frighten fans of Batman comics, and in 2009, the character ranked 58th on IGN’s list of Greatest Comic Book Villains of All Time. The Dark Knight Scarecrow mask will be instantly recognizable to all the Batman fans at your party and will still scare even those who aren’t fans of the franchise.

In Batman: The Dark Knight, the Scarecrow is a psychiatrist who controls his patients by filling them with fear gas. The Dark Knight Scarecrow mask has the sloppy look of the one in the film, complete with a fake knot to look like it has been tied on with a rope.

With the Dark Knight Scarecrow mask, you can choose to wear a suit, like the one worn in the movie, or a trench coat, which the Scarecrow wore over his suit. The Night Stalker Adult Costume includes a long, dark trench coat, along with matching gloves. Or a lab coat might give you that extra air of authenticity as a psychiatrist. The Dr. Phil Good Adult costume includes a white lab coat, as does the Dr. F. Stein Adult Costume.

If you’re going out with friends for Halloween, have your friends dress up as Dark Knight characters to complement your Dark Knight Scarecrow mask. The Batman Dark Knight The Joker Deluxe Adult Costume is always sure to amaze. The costume comes with a purple jacket and matching pinstriped purple pants, as well as an attached dress shirt, bright green vest, and brown tie. The famously eerie Joker mask is also included. You’ll need the separately sold Batman Dark Knight The Joker Gloves Adult, which are purple faux leather.

For your female Halloween companion, the Catwoman Deluxe Adult Costume is both sexy and ferocious. It comes with the signature black “kitty” headpiece, a sexy black bikini-type top with black straps that criss-cross over the stomach, black faux leather pants with white streaks that look like tears, and, of course, the famous cat gloves with amazing detail and sharp tips to look like fingernails. If your companion would prefer something a little more subtle, the Batgirl T-Shirt Adult Costume Kit includes a Batgirl tee with attached blue cape and a sexy batgirl mask in black that rises sharply above each eye. She’ll be comfortable and look great.

For Dark Knight fans, it doesn’t get creepier than this Dark Knight Scarecrow mask. You’ll be the hit of your Halloween party as everyone shudders to remember their least favorite Dark Knight moments.

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