Los Angeles Halloween Party

Updated April 20, 2022

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Los Angeles Halloween Party essay

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Once again, Los Angeles, California plays host this 2008 Halloween season to a variety of fabulous treats for the gay and lesbian community. From wicked theater, to a tricky night at local clubs, to costume balls, you cannot miss a gay Halloween in the city of West Hollywood. Locals and visitors from all of the world will surely have more than goodies to fill their pockets and definitely more fun than you can shake a wand at!

To start with wicked theater, there is Wicked – REALLY! (the Musical, based on the sensational best-selling novel by Gregory Maguire), playing at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. Most of the show takes place in OZ and focuses on the misunderstood Wicked Witch of the West and her relationship with Glinda (the Good Witch of the North), long before little Dorothy of Kansas and her house accidentally drop-in on them (and “on” their other sister). The Pantages Theater is located at 6233 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Wicked runs through October 2008 until January 10, 2009, with performances almost every day excepts Mondays. Check outhttp://www.pantages-theater.com/ for information on show dates and tickets.

For those looking forward to the nightclub scene, at least two clubs spin dance tunes for a mix of gay and straight clientele. 7969 in West Hollywood has weekly dance themes and hosts an array of shows. The Halloween theme this year should be as spectacular as the last. Entering a dark corridor, you emerge to find yourself in a huge open bar area with an expansive dance floor and stage. Located at 7969 Santa Monica Boulevard, you may phone the club at 323.654.0280.

For more par tee a la gay Halloween, another club favorite is the infamous Factory, also located in West Hollywood. Formerly run as the Love Lounge and Girl Bar, it has now been revamped with a $2 million overhaul. Find it at 652 N La Peer Drive, and call 310.659.4551 or www.factorynightclub.com for further information.

Of course, you may want to just dress up and have a ball (or two) on the most gayest of night of the year! Miss Kitty’s Halloween Masquerade Ball at the Dragonfly Nightclub can be found at 6510 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Wilcox) in Hollywood. The entire property is transformed into a virtual haunted nightclub with costume contests, erotic stage shows, and naughty fun packed in every corner. The mixed clientele includes gays and lesbians. Check out their website to see if this party is for you. For information, time and date, go to www.misskitysparlour.com.

But for the biggest of all balls, you cannot miss the West Hollywood Halloween & Costume Carnivale on Santa Monica Boulevard on Halloween night. The Los Angeles area’s second largest event (next to the Rose Bowl Parade), the Carnivale draws over 400,000 participants to the Boulevard for costume contests, parades, food and merriment for a mixed crowd. While checking out the costume competition, visitors can stroll up and down the street, listening to famous musical acts and comedians. The West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnivale began in 1987, three years after the City of West Hollywood officially became a City within the County of Los Angeles. What began as a primarily gay and lesbian event has now expanded to include pretty much every walk of life and is probably the most attended and recognized Halloween event in the world. West Hollywood Carnivale takes place from 6PM to Midnight on Friday, October 31st, 2008 between La Cienega Boulevard and La Peer Drive on Santa Monica Boulevard, the Route 66 in West Hollywood, California. For more information on this hugest of huge Halloween events, contact West Hollywood Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800.368.6020 or 310.289.2525. or click on www.visitwesthollywood.com.

Nothing says “trick or treat” for the gay and lesbian family better anywhere else, than a Halloween night in La La Land. For other events, browse your favorite search engine with subject headings such as Gay Halloween West Hollywood Events 2008. Or just use your wicked imagination!

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Los Angeles Halloween Party essay

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