Halloween Activities for Kids

Updated April 20, 2022

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Halloween Activities for Kids essay

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These Halloween activities for kids of all ages will help to give your classroom the best party for one of their most favorite holiday’s to celebrate. If you were to ask your classroom children which is their favorite holiday, Halloween usually comes in a close second next to Christmas, which is always number one in any child’s mind.

What will make a teacher more popular than preparing a classroom Halloween party full of fun activities or games! It’s guaranteed to be a big hit for students of all ages especially when using candy or other treats as prizes. Remember back when you were in school and Halloween was so much fun in class, the games, decorations, costume contests and buckets of yummy candy! Here are some fun games for your consideration this Halloween season. Halloween activities for kids is to have them participate in Pumpkin bowling. This is a very inexpensive game to set up since you can usually find plastic pumpkin treat buckets at your Dollar Tree or 99 cent stores. The more pumpkin buckets you get the better, stack them up to form a pyramid on the floor. You should also purchase lightweight plastic balls such as white Wiffle balls to use in knocking the pumpkin buckets down. To make it fair, you should give candy treats to every student that participates in this game and, maybe a bigger prize to the one who bowls down the most buckets.

The most important thing to remember about Halloween activities for kids is to keep it fun for everyone so as to not invite boredom. Make sure to invite everyone to participate in every activity, interaction leads to more excitement!

Let’s put those plastic pumpkins to use again, this next game involves the use of eyeballs, What? Eyeballs? Well, not exactly, these are actually ping pong balls which have been painted to look like real eyeballs. Crayons, markers or colored pencils can be used to make the “eyeballs”.

The great thing about Halloween activities for kids are the challenges each game provides. Place a pumpkin bucket in front of each child at a reasonable distance, the ping pong “eyeballs” will be bounced onto the floor and into the bucket. The person who gets the most into their bucket is the winner, of course you can select a 2nd and 3rd place winner as well.

Another of the many popular Halloween activities for kids to play and which is fun for kids of all ages including teenagers, is making mummies out of themselves with toilet paper. This is how it works, get a good supply of toilet paper rolls and set up students in groups of 4-5, the first group who completes in wrapping 1 of their selected team-mates into a mummy in the fastest time wins.

You can give students extra credit if they contribute to this game by bringing one roll of toilet paper from their home, this will help in keeping expenses to a minimum. To make this game fun and exciting have some upbeat music playing in the background.

As many fun Halloween activities for kids involve some scary moments this is no exception! Get your classroom students together to form a group for “Scary Circle Story Time”, have the children form a circle and you can open the storyline with “Once upon a time on a dark and spooky night…” then have each student add their part to the story as each takes their turn going around the circle adding to the scary story.

Depending on the age of your students, this will help determine on how gory the story will evolve into. You should set the ground rules at the beginning of the story telling so that it doesn’t get out of hand, especially for younger children that may scare very easily. You don’t want to scare them too much…..Hee, Hee, Hee!Halloween Activities for Kids – Include Music

With so many Halloween activities for kids who hasn’t heard of musical chairs? Everyone loves this very popular game especially in classroom parties or at school events. You can choose to play scary Halloween music as the children race for a chair to avoid being eliminated from the game. Some very popular music to play for your Halloween theme party could be songs like “Thriller,” by the late and great Michael Jackson, let’s not forget the classic “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett or “Somebody’s Watching Me” performed by Rockwell to name just a few.

You can implement other ideas to this game such as asking your students to act like scary creatures as they walk around the musical chairs (i.e.: act like mummy’s, zombies or Frankenstein, make scary faces like vampires or other such characters); tell your classroom children to use their imaginations to make this game more enjoyable.

With so many more Halloween activities for kids to consider we reach the end of our suggestions, our last game for your classroom children to play is similar to the cake walks that are usually seen at school carnivals or fundraisers.

However, instead of using “cakes or pastries” use “goodie bags/treats” and, instead of using numbers as used in cake walks make it a little more creative and use cut-outs of different Halloween themed characters like (The Mummy, Frankenstein,  a zombie, bats, cats, witches, spiders, etc…) lay the cut outs onto the floor and have the same matching pictures pasted onto 3 X 5 index cards and place them into a pumpkin basket.

As the students are walking around and the music is stopped you will simply pull out one index card which will correspond to it’s match on the floor, you will then call out the selected character and the student standing on the cut-out that matches the index card wins a goodie bag/treat. It can be played for your Halloween classroom party, use the internet or books to find other interesting fun games. Be sure to have adult supervision at all times for the safety of those involved and all candy and treats should be individually wrapped. You can have a great interactive experience with your classroom children using these fun, and scary Halloween activities for kids.

Halloween Activities for Kids essay

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