The Controversial in Heroism

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Superhero fictions are popular for decades, many people passionate about their story. Meanwhile, some people oppose them especially some parents prohibit their child to watch them. In their opinion, these “heroism” describes in comic book and movie have problems because they suggest solving things use violence, which has always been controversial in the superhero’s heroism? Are they similar to “bad guys” because they also use violence and break the rules?

Authors of superhero story and movie Directors has also been thinking the same questions in these years, they add character to Enriching their human-side like a tragedy in life experience, weakness, and obsession of achieving his/her goals. (Romagnoli 9)Narrators also let them face directly to the controvercy in their heroism and their life. A good example is The Dark Night , which tells a story about Batman who is the hero hides in the darkness. Most people don’t know anything about him, but he has a surveillance system that can anyone in the city doing anything do anything. The police did not know if Batman will use this power to harm civilians so they have to put him in jail.

On the other hand, Harvey punishes criminals through legal methods. Batman is known as ‘the hero of the night in Gotham ‘ and he is called ‘the hero of the day in Gotham ‘. Batman has good expect for Harvey from the beginning because he knew he would not exist for a long time. His duty was to use his power to protect the rules in the dark, but what Gotham needed was a hero like Harvey. Batman has always been protecting the rule but one day , the Joker appeared.

Unlike ordinary criminals, Joker is good at playing with people. Everyone has evil in his heart. The clown lures the evil side out of his heart. He robbed banks and let his men kill each other. The most incredible thing is that he stuffed a smoke bomb into the bank manager’s mouth instead of a real bomb. From this place on, it has shown that he is different from ordinary criminals. He killed the gang boss and asked his two men to use a broken Billiard Club to decide who was the last to survive.

Joker said he has no plans and no rules because people follow rules for a certain purpose, and he has no goals. The clown has no desire. He burns the money he gets. He believes that all people in the world are essentially evil, that rules have no meaning, and that chaos means fairness. Joker also lets Batman see his dark side: let him see his selfishness, let him save Rachel, let him know that his principle of non-killing also brings trouble to himself: he can’t kill the clown and let everything end.

At the end of the movie, Batman counts all Harvey’s crimes on himself. He knows that people have to believe in rules, so he can’t make Harvey a criminal. Becoming a dark knight and learning how to fight evil in another way is the growth of Batman.

Daredevil and Batman have a lot in common. They both act at night and have no killing rules. Matt is a lawyer in the daytime and a hero in the evening. His heroism is full of contradictions. As a lawyer, he respects the law, but as a hero, he uses violence to solve problems. In season 2, the Punisher appeared. Punishers also punish evil people, but he never avoids killing. He questioned Daredevil’s idea, but Daredevil still adhered to his principles.

Batman and Daredevil both use violent or even illegal means to solve problems. Does this mean that their heroism is wrong? They insist on the principle of not killing people and never give up and surrender to evil, which may be their answer to this question. But is there an absolutely fair way to punish evil in the world? Is superhero’s justice flawless? This problem is still being explored.

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