Torture is Cruel

  • Updated December 21, 2021
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Torture is the act of causing severe pain physically or psychologically to others with the intention of obtaining information. This method of punishment has been carried out by individuals throughout history from ancient times to modern day. From being thrown into a tub full of boiling water to wearing a necklace full of sharp needles that can pierce your neck in matters of seconds can all be forms of torture from the ancient times. These wicked type of torture methods were commonly found during the medieval era, which is from 476 AD-1492. However, as convenient as it sounds to inflict severe pain on others to obtain important information, these actions and operations are inhumane which violates human rights, go against some religions, and breaks the 8th amendment of the Bill of Rights.

This topic needs to be known throughout society, for torture brings out the worst in people. Though, if this form of punishment works, and successfully obtains criminals and enemies cooperation, then there might be reasons to justify its use. However, at the end of the day, torture is a very cruel method of gaining information from others. The operation of physical activity, or even psychological abuse, can force the victim to please the torturer that they will do anything necessary to end their suffering. For example, a 9-year-old child was being accused of murder.

That child was arrested and kept in the interrogation room for days. He did not have permission to ask for a lawyer or his parents, not allowed to use the restroom, and was repeatedly told he had killed someone. Sadly, this made up example does happen in reality, and most victims who have been in this position involve others who had no part. This is just simply one instance of torturing, which shows how torture hurts the innocent and changes the human principles of those who are doing the torturing, as well as the victim.

Torture is not only a problem in third world countries, but also in the United States, Russia, and many others. A London-based non-governmental organization that focuses on human rights reported, ‘ Over the last five years, Amnesty International has reported on torture in 141 countries – three-quarters of the world.’ With these shocking statistics, it proves that torture is a problem worldwide. Moving on, those who torture others are brutalized by their acts and end up destroying their mentalities. Whether it is physical, such as beating up a CEO at a big corporation to acquire all of their researches and data, or psychologically, like threatening the physical health of someone of importance to them are all morally wrong.

The purpose of this essay is not only to inform the readers of the concept and origin of torture but also the reasons why this action is cruel and barbaric. The results yielded by these horrendous actions should not be praised. With this essay, it can prevent people from torturing one another by allowing them to comprehend why this method of punishment can violate many human codes, religion, and even disobey an amendment on the Bill of Rights.

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