Pros and Cons of Text Message

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For the people of this generation texting is the ideal thing that everyone does, it is more convenient for this generation to just text everything because everyone has a smartphone. One thing with texting is that you don’t have to end a sentence with any punctuation. You can just keep talking and talking without anything in it to make it grammatically correct (11 Secret Meanings Behind Punctuation in Text Messages). There are a lot of plus sides to having the technology in today’s day and time because to takes communication and it is so much easier to talk to someone halfway across the world. Technology has grown so much in just the past few years from flip phones to now smart phones that you can get anything you want and it’s at the tips of your fingers.

There are some bad things about having a phone that will do absolutely anything, such as accidents. There is a lot of people who text and drive and get into wrecks and could cause wrecks. Statistics show that nearly 390,000 injuries are caused each year because of texting and driving (Texting and Driving Accident Statistics).

Another problem is in the classroom because everyone is making new acronyms for certain words. What it is doing is ruining the younger generations grammar and punctuation. But there is also a few good things about them, one is that if you need to get to a store that you have never been to you can pull it up on a map. The world is now very dependent on this program for communication, and everyone does not feel as strong as the correct rules. Texting can affect a person’s social skills, and writing abilities. With it affecting our socials skills it is increasing that more people are wanting to text everyone than to actually speak face to face with people and that causes some people to have terrible people skills. Something else that is a problem is that with text messages you cannot actually tell how the person is saying it, he or she could be mad, sad, etc. because everyone reads text differently.


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