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Buddha’s Ideas and Women in Buddhism

In the document, the Buddhas Early Life, Siddhartha also known as, Buddha, had a planned life. His mother had died which lead to anger and depression at a young age. His father was a king. As a young child Siddhartha was spoiled, anything he wanted would be provided for him. His father picked him a…



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Christian View on Causes and Effects of Poverty

The description of the conditions that qualify as living a poor lifestyle vary among people who have experienced different levels of income. Imagine a homeless man, forced to live on the street because he can’t afford the rent that his landlord demands. In this man’s opinion, someone who lives in public housing with government assistance…

Cause and Effect of Poverty,



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Bangladesh Philosophy: Roots and Traits

Bengali Sentiment and religion dominate Bengali philosophical thought. Indian thought had very close relations to religious traditions in the past as well as in the middle Ages. Bengalis were primarily secular in their psyche that balanced and told their lives and their thoughts. Bengalis have philosophical ideas to make this world a happy, prosperous place…




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Christian Symbolism of The Old Man And The Sea

Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea shows a strong representation of Christianity through the main protagonist, Santiago. Given Santiago’s suffering and willingness to endure pain for a marlin, this can act as the wounds of Christ’s stigmata, and Hemingway goes on to portray the old man as a Christ-like martyr. Throughout the novel…


Ernest Hemingway,


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Philosophical Teachings of Confucianism and Buddhism

Since the creation of mankind, people have searched for spiritual enlightenment and pathways to explain life, whether it is the desire to better one’s future, the idea that one must atone for the past or something in between, or the search to challenge a religion to determine if they are fit for them. There is…




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Importance of Theological Dialogue

Introduction Theological dialogue can be referred to as dialogue about the foundation of being itself, the Absolute, God. The foundation of the dynamics of dialogue lies at the root of the human being and is shown in the existential analysis of the human being himself, as modern philosophers have pointed out. It has been pointed…




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