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A Comparison of Creation Myths of Walam Olum Manito and God

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A Comparison of Creation Myths of Walam Olum Manito and God essay
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Creation myths were created for the people of this world because we all need something to believe in. All creation myths differ in some way. I am going to focus on the creation myths in the American culture and the Native American culture. In all creation myths a God or the Gods have an overflowing love for man. There are many differences in the two creation myths.

In the beginning of both accounts, the conditions of the world was very poor. In the Biblical account there is God, in Walam Olum there is Manito, both are quite similar and are the supreme being of that myth. In the Biblical account the world is shapeless and engulfed in the void of darkness. God’s spirit hung over the face of the waters of this shapeless earth. In the Walam Olum the earth is not shapeless at all, but instead covered by a great fog. Manito is lost in this darkness of space not knowing where he is.

The creators of the world are different but their creations are similar. In both myths the sun, moon, stars, land, and man were created by their respective God. Although, in the Walam Olum the wind created the pathways for the water, and Manito created other Gods under him. In both myths evil is represented by a snake, but only in the Biblical account does man commit sin.

There is a reason for all creations even for the creation of man and woman. There wasn’t any men to till the soil so God created man in his image and formed him from the dust of the ground and breathed life into Adam. God made man to watch over the beasts of the field and tend to the garden. God created woman out of Adam to be compatible to man because there was no help mate for him in all of the other animals God created. He put Adam into a deep sleep and took a rib from him. Out of this rib God made woman. Adam named her Eve because she was the mother of all living things there were. In the Walam Olum Manito put man here in the simplest of words, Manito created man. Manito did make a mother of all beings to watch over all.

There are many differences in the two creation myths. I have named a few of the differences and a few similarities. There are many more that I could name, but I will leave finding them up to the reader. There is a creation myth for every culture know to man. All we have to do is pick one to believe in, and just believe.

A Comparison of Creation Myths of Walam Olum Manito and God essay

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