Effects of Pollution on Environment and Life

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The issue of pollution has become a blasting fuse for social inability.

Pollution takes place when the pollutants spoil the natural environment that has an abnormal effect on life on earth. Along with the process of building up land and development in our lives pollution has given rise to the warming of planet. Environment, humans as well as animals are hardly and seriously influenced by global warming and pollution.

Air pollution effects human life by causing diseases in respiratory system,increased danger of heart attack,complex conditions of asthma and lungs. It can also get more bad currently in existence diseases. Acid rain can damage the lungs and cause red inflammation in throat and eyes. People who already have experience of asthma are subject to have asthma attacks. The dioxins in the air can disturb the whole body system of man. Hydrocarbons from wildfire and transportation can cause lung and eye irritation,liver issues and cancer. Release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leads to warmer temperature. Weather condition changes leads to several issues like intense weather,heat-related deaths,higher sea levels,acid rains and increasing number of diseases. Noise pollution can damage the physical and mental health. Subjection to enough noise pollution can cause anxiety,hypertension,sleep trouble,higher blood force,hear-loss and other negative effects.

Pollution effects animal life by causing sign of danger to their settlement and have also been pushed them to destruction. Oil falls affects on marine life immediately causing great number of deaths. The toxicity of oil pollutes aquatic and plant living which impact their lives in a number of ways such as reduced or damaged breeding process,neurological damage,and weakness to disease are common effects for long period even after the oil spills have been cleaned. As the rain water flow off in the diection of lakes,small stretches and ponds making water dirty which causes death of fish group. The drop in fish group has an effect on other animals in natural conditions that depends on fish for food. Nutrient pollution leads to the dead zone areas in water holes with very little or no oxygen where it becomes hard for marine living to live on. Noise pollution can have serious effect on animals in natural conditions. Disclosure to more than enough sound can lead to hearing issues or fixed hear loss. It can also lead to change of general habitat.

Pollution effects the environment by the movement of toxic pollutants that are used up by the organisms through food and water or directly absorption through their skin. These toxins way to the animals higher in the food chain and so on. Top one meat-eaters are more open to practice different diseases,historical modifications,birth disability,and so on. Sea acidification is caused as carbon dioxide get dissolved in water coming out in the drop of ph of the earths seas. Acid rains caused by pollution destroy the tree-covered lands,water narrow ways and lands. The group and range of birds and animals has made clear slope down or change of habitat to more than enough noise pollution. Noise pollution also gets broken up the news and cross-breeding of certain species. Sounds produced by military sonar, shipping trade goods against the law make come into existence go higher in levels of underwater sound that gets broken up the news, looking for and mating of the marine species.

Therefore, pollution has several going against effects on the environment,to do with man and animal living. Everything on earth is related and depends on each other for working well. As humans we need to stop damaging nature and take steps in the direction of putting a stop towards pollution.

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