How to Reduce Pollution

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Pollution, we all know of it and yet it is a problem that we choose to ignore. We drive around in our fancy vehicles all day long, some of us not realizing the amount of harm that we do to this planet. Really, when was the last time that you decided that you’d rather walk than drive that pollution machine? Sure, some of you do walk but we need to make that “some” to “most” and it’ll help if you’re a part of it.

We need to make sure that there’s enough clear air around so that people don’t have to hold their breath in just because of the absolute stink around an area. Every day 100’s of people get a cold or develop some sort of sickness because of the amount of dust and gas particles that are in the air. I do feel sorry but I mean, we ARE doing this to ourselves and it’s not going to stop anytime soon unless we take action. Of course, the rage isn’t just about driving around your flashy mobiles but yet, it is also about conserving energy and electricity.

There are 4 types of pollution: Air pollution, Land and Soil pollution, Sound and Light Pollution and Water Pollution.

  • Air Pollution- This is mainly caused by automobiles, fires, smoking etc.
  • Water Pollution- This is caused by people dropping their trash in, etc.
  • Sound Pollution- These are caused by loud music, sirens, etc.

In these following paragraphs, I will give you some examples on how you can reduce pollution, if not stop it. One of the few is to conserve it; turn off lights, switches, anything that is not in need of necessary usage. Participate in energy conservation programs; have fundraisers and charities and such. You could also limit to using bicycles to get to your destination or you could carpool (sure, it might be really bad if you’re next to someone sweaty, but HEY! At Least you’re saving the environment! And that’s what counts 🙂 ) Oh, you could also drive hybrid vehicles; they’re environment-friendly, don’t use much fuel, make less sound and have lower maintenance costs, so, why won’t you buy one of those? They’re much better indeed.

Some of these listed might not be possible, for us students. So here are some things you can convince your school community to do to help out:

  • Buy less toxic cleaning and school supplies
  • Have eco-friendly buses
  • Lower the thermostat when not needed
  • Turn off all machines and computers when not in use.

As a student or a general human being, you could also avoid using fires; these are one of the main sources of air pollution. After cooking, you could take those onion peels and turn them into compost for plants, remember, don’t let things go to waste until absolutely necessary. In any means, avoid PLASTICS, they are so toxic and the fact that they have banned plastic bags is really helpful.

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