The Best of Enemies Movie Review

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The film “The Best of Enemies” Relates to one of the topics we discussed in class. For example, we talked about racism and how it played a big part in history. Racism targeted black people and separated us at a time we needed each other. Racism is taught, and not something you are born to be. I believe this film demonstrates how racism is informed and influenced by our peers. Ann Atwater was a strong black woman who didn’t give up when times got tough. Black women were always underestimated and mistreated because of their skin color and gender.

Black women were viewed as servants and not smart enough to do a man’s job. However, Atwater proved many people wrong and was determined not to let anyone come between her peace. Her peace was challenged when she met C.P. Ellis. Ellis was a perfect example of how racism is presented. Since he was in the Ku Klux Klan, many already knew that he was racist. Bill Riddick made Ellis and Atwater work their differences out. He was a legend in my eyes because a black man who people would’ve assumed to be nothing but dirty and trouble brought two individuals together.

Segregation was another topic we discussed in class, which is how racism against black people grew even more. Many thought black people were unintelligent and didn’t know how to run anything. When African Americans formed schools and churches, white people were threatened by this, so they decided to burn them down. The K.K.K pitched in by burning churches down, including houses where black people lived. The K.K.K would even lynch black people, particularly the men. Black men were targeted for little situations like staring at white women or falsely accusing them of raping a white woman too. These situations made Atwater fight harder for equality. These things made it challenging for her and Ellis to work together since he was a leader of the K.K.K.

Integrating Schools was the topic and the reason for Atwater and Ellis getting together. It took them a long time to get along, but it was worth it. I believe a racist recognizing what they are would change how they view black people. Once a white person tries to put themselves in a black person’s shoes, then they could understand what black went through and how they fought hard for their respect and freedom. Ellis giving up K.K.K leadership in support of integrating schools was an example of revelation. Ellis recognized his wrongdoing and apologized for it. He saw the true meaning of friendship and cherished it forever.

I was happy to see a play on this at school because racism still exists today. We, as citizens, can give out that message and put a stop to it. If everyone is taught that skin color shouldn’t separate groups but bring these groups together, then we can see peace in the future and fewer riots. Learning about different cultures and how they celebrate their culture is very important. If white people take time out of their day and learn about black culture, then they could understand what black people went through and how they fought through the tough times. If everyone in the world perceives this, there would be fewer racists. We all make mistakes, but once we see that mistake, we should find a way to fix it.

Unity was the message given in the film. If we all look past the black and white scenarios, then maybe we could build things together without it becoming a problem. There would be integrated schools if everyone thought about unity. Riots would have stopped by the 60s. Martin Luther King Jr. would have still been alive, and lynching would have decreased earlier than expected. I view unity as coming together to make this world a better place, even if we have differences. We understand each other and find a way to overcome the barrier that is keeping us apart. The film demonstrated this point and informed us on how we can build a better community together and not alone.

Atwater didn’t give up when times got tough. Atwater was another version of Harriet Tubman, reliable and not to be underestimated by white men. Atwater became the backbone of Durham as a black woman. She put aside her differences to make sure schools get integrated. Her perseverance and determination influenced other black women to come out of their shells. Black women having a voice was essential back then. Atwater could’ve got lynched, shot, or beaten to death. With her wisdom and faith, these things didn’t worry her. She showed that black women were more than homemakers and servants. Black women are leaders themselves, and Atwater proved this point through hardships she faced when working with Ellis.

Black men were wrongly convicted of everything back then. Today, the media portrays them as thugs and a threat to society. With these similar views, they were lynched and shot at because of these false accumulations. Black men were always accused of doing something wrong. If a black man tried running for office, he would get lynched. I think black men are the bravest people on earth because everywhere they go, people judge them because of their skin color and the way the media is judging them. Trapping black men in jail cells is another of slavery. Convicting black men for a crime because they fit the description is prejudice and racists. Even though society portrays black men this way, it will not stop a black man fighting for his freedom. Many black men in this world are leaders, presidents, and governors for their city. The stereotype that they put on them didn’t stop them from becoming an inspiration and leader to others. Similar to Atwater, black men used their voice to prove that they are more than what people set them out to be.


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Is Best of Enemies a true story?
Yes, Best of Enemies is based on a true story. The film is a dramatization of the televised debates between political rivals William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal during the 1968 presidential election.
What year was The Best of Enemies set in?
The Best of Enemies was set in 1971.
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