Science Fiction Movie “District 9” by Neil Blomkamp

Updated October 13, 2020

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Science Fiction Movie “District 9” by Neil Blomkamp essay

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The main characters of District 9 are Wikus Van De Merwe, Christopher Johnson, Little Christopher Johnson, Tania Van De Merwe, Piet Smit, Koobus and Obesandjo.

Wikus Van De Merwe is the main character of District 9. Wikus was one of the head operatives for the “relocation project” of aliens. This project was made to move the aliens (residents of District 9, where they have lived for 20 years) to their new home in District 10. The purpose of this project was to get control over the alien population. He was the government officer from the MNU departments of Allien Affairs. They forcefully turned him into an alien when he had infected with a strange alien fluid. He appears as a prawn. Wikus begins to fight against the MNU with the help of Christopher Johnson or neglected aliens when he realized the bad intention of MNU department.

Christopher Johnson is an alien and a resident of District 9. I was surprised while watching movie that he behaves like humans because he was working on the secret website. Tn the secret workshop, he prepares a ship and one kind of fuel to return to the mothership and help his species. He wants peace between humans and aliens and go back in the space with his species and son, so prepared one kind of fuel for leaving the Earth. He also helped the Merwe in fighting against the MNU.

Little Christopher Johnson is shown very good in using prawn technology as he helps his father in research. He was working alone on the research when his father and Merwe was caught. He does not have any human name. He is knowns as Christopher Johnson’ son Piet Smit is the head of MNU department. He was father-in-law of Merwe. He treats very badly with Merwe and forcefully turned him into an alien when he had infected with a strange alien fluid. Tania Van de Merwe is the wife of Wikus. She is the daughter of Piet Smit and she believes everything whatever her father says about Wikus. Piet Smit falsely claimed that Wikus had sex with an alien. She is loving wife and one of the nicest characters of the movie.

Koobus was one of the soldiers who commands the all other soldiers. he was employed by Piet Smit. He killed many aliens. Obesandjo believes that he can get power of aliens by consuming them. He regularly kills the aliens and eat them because he thinks that he would be able to operate their weapons by consuming them.

Movie’s Plot

District 9 is a science fiction movie which was directed by Neil Blomkamp. This movie released in 2009. This movie is about the relocation project of aliens. Opening shots show that people protested the aliens for leaving the District 9 (where they have lived for 20 years) because they were afraid from the aliens. Government selected the Merwe for operating the relocation project for the resettlement of aliens to another place. Merwe was forcefully turned into an alien when he had infected with a strange alien fluid. District 9 is an action movie as officers killed many innocent aliens without their any fault.

When Merwe realized the bad intention of the department, he fought against the MNU department. He also helped the Christopher Johnson to go back to the mothership. Even he killed many soldiers for taking fuel. When officers caught the Christopher Johnson then he protected him from the soldiers and helped him to run his ship for leaving Earth. Finally, ship starts, and he go back with his son.

Classic Hollywood Narrative Style

According to me, District 9 movie fits into the Classic Hollywood Narrative style means this movie includes the different elements of Classic Hollywood Narrative Style such as story, perfect scenes, sound and shots. This film also includes introducing problems early in the movie, creating a story and ending. For example, Problems (as resettlement of aliens) related to aliens were introduced early in the beginning of the movie. Then, story was created by fighting between MNU department, Merwe and aliens or turning Merwe into an alien. In the end, aliens leave the Earth and problem was solved. District 9 is an action movie such as fighting, blood and weapons. This movie contains good editing and acting.

Filmmaker well used light/color, sound and camera angles to organize the story. For example, when Merwe went to MNU office with Christopher Johnson for stealing fuel that time director well used sound as alarm starts to ring when they blast on the building. Different types of sounds come that time as sounds of screaming, sounds of fire burns or bomb blast, sounds of officers as they plan what to do, sounds of weapons and sounds of alarms.

Light grey color shows on the screen when they blast on the building. When they shoot the soldiers or blast on the door then smoke and blood come on the screen that evokes the emotions of fighting or blasting. Lights are off in some scenes of fighting. This time, camera angel was best in this moment because camera shows the all sides of actions, fights and phenomenon (the people were running out).


It was unbelievable for me while watching movie when officers and doctors or scientists forcefully turned the Merwe into an alien. I was shocked how they can force a person to kill the innocent aliens or operate the alien’s weapon. I felt sad for the Merwe, he had nothing to eat when he ran from lab and his body structure was totally changed. However, I was inspired when he helped the aliens although he was not in good condition. Light and color was well used to evoke the emotions.

Science Fiction Movie “District 9” by Neil Blomkamp essay

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