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Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has been a debatable topic supported by both sides of the argument. From a medical standpoint there are several advantages that can be helpful for the use of marijuana as an alternative for medical treatments. There is research that indicates that the use of marijuana as a medical alternative has been…

Marijuana Legalization,

Medical Marijuana,


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Issue of Mass Incarceration in the United States

Since president Nixon declared “war on drugs” in the 1970’s, over 500% of the prison population increased. As of right now there are more than 2.2 million people in prison. Most of the prison population is black and latinos who were convicted for possession. To be honest I believe the prison system is discriminatory against…

Criminal Justice System,

Mass Incarceration

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Issues of War on Drugs and Three Strike Rule Mass Incarceration

Mass incarceration is a worldwide problem in the U.S. that is yet to be solved. There are many people in the U.S. that are incarcerated based on crimes and issues goin on in the criminal justice system. The main concern here is what is mass incarceration? Mass incarceration is defined as the increase number of…

Criminal Justice System,

Mass Incarceration

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Cyber Security: Chemical Industry as a Conducive Target

Internet being a platform for variety of risks as it is open to all kind of users such as the spies, identity thefts, terrorists, and others with an intention for mass destruction. The industrial sector has been an influential target from the times when technology took over. Industries being a common ground for computer-controlled equipment’s…


Cyber Security

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Is this Worth the Sacrifice?

“Give your 110%”, “Keeping Dreaming” and etc, these terms were coined in order to achieve any goal. As a matter of fact, it all starts with determination and the will to exert any amount of energy. Once a goal is reached, it is easy to become smug and lose the desire to strive for more….


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Race Related to Crime

Race does not singularly impact any one person specific actions, however the stigmas and stereotypes put on to them through society can lead to certain mindsets to be fulfilled. People of color are put into a bubble where we can see violent victimization occurring within our lives. For the purpose of this essay and consistency…



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Why Should We Legalize Marijuana

Today I saw an interesting article in the ‘Roll Call’ which is a news site about political stuff. So I read this story dealing with marijuana legalization in the capitol. They reported about how people still are not open-minded concerning that topic yet. So I decided to create this entry to get your opinions. We…

Marijuana Legalization,

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

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Mystery Story about Murder

This is a small remote town 30 minutes from any police or fire station or grocery store. This is a town where everyone knows everyone and is on a first name basis. A small town. There had always been one family that was kind-of off. A family with a particularly tough life, but nobody knew…



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I Am A Survivor – Not A Victim

Here I am glowing with happiness, health and joy. Happily married with two kids, looking forward to welcoming the third and rounding up my PhD. I never looked like what I have gone through, the torture, the pain, the tears, the scars are all gone! They made me who I am today. So, if I…

Personal Experiences,


Who Am I

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Sacrifices of a Navy SEAL

How does the word sacrifice impact you? To each and every American Navy SEAL, sacrifice is a part of their everyday mentality. They don’t bat an eye at the thought of dangerous battles in unbearable conditions to better their country and keep Americans safe. Without hesitation, Navy SEAL’s travel to hostile countries across the world…



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Law is human nature, and it is mandatory to create laws in this world for the smooth running of the system. Due to the laws, the world is running at a good pace; otherwise, there could be a complete disaster. The governments and states implement laws, but every person has the laws they have implemented.

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