Issues of Crime Control in Criminal Justice

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The crime control perspective is the perspective that is the focal point of the people whom crimes have been committed. The way to reducing crime is through punishment. The control perspective focuses attention on the use of hefty penalties such as serious sentences for those who break the law. The argument in this perspective is that commanding stern punishment would help decrease crimes in two ways: one, the potential offenders would fear committing a crime because of the fear of the severe consequences, and two, the repeat offenders would think twice about the crime before committing it again because of the punishment that they have sustain the first time. These two ways would help reduce crime in our society today.

The rehabilitation perspective on the other hand focuses on the helping offenders adapt to the real world once their released. Societal issues such as unemployment, poverty, poor health services and poor education are the causes of majority of the crimes. Rehabilitation emphasizes on training the offenders so that they can be provided with the tools and life skills that can enable them to be productive members of society. Example of this perspective is in countries where inmates are trained on technical skills such as carpentry so as to help them earn a living when they go out of prison.

Each of the two perspectives has its own strengths and limitations. in crime control perspective, punishing law breakers serves as an act of fairness and reward to law abiders. The strengths are because it helps prevent more crime. However, the restriction is that most criminal actions could’ve been started by external forces that are without the control of the offender. In rehabilitation perspective, with the help of obtaining a GED, counseling, job training and the necessary life skills can help transform the offender and enables him to be a productive member of the community. However, the limitation is that it may come off as an injustice to law abiders who may also commit a crime as a way of demonstration.

Diversity of culture has posed a major challenge in management of criminal justice. Various cultures have different beliefs and different moral standards. Even different types of crimes are held with different weights in different cultures. This makes it hard to come up with standard perspectives of criminal justice that are acceptable to all cultures. For example, in some cultures killing a murderer is allowed while in some cultures killing is not allowed irrespective of who is doing it or why it is done.

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