High School Freshman

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It is a great opportunity for a student to graduate and continue with their education to high school. This is a transition period that requires proper guidance to a student who is to face a different form of life. Social situations to class and out of class activities that the student is to face require proper direction. It is also this stage of education that a child can determine the college and faculty they are to do after graduating from high school.

The expectations of high school freshmen can be different from what the school expects of them. It is, therefore a requirement for a student to be able to define and understand what you are expected of. At the end of the session, both the school and the student parents require good grades. High school life can have freedom that was not available before and a student should not be tempted to misuse the freedom lest he/she slip out of the education path.

The following points elaborate how a high school freshman can make their lives in high school easier and of much success:

  • Staying organized; An organized student will have planned all the daily activities in the school. They are the type of students who will have known their class hours and are never late for classes. Again they are able to prepare for exams in prior such that they always have outstanding results.
  • Understand their priorities; the priorities of a student should be school work. Taking part in games can also be a priority that is only considered after the academic work
  • A good high school freshman should have created a study space and have a personalized study method. This is a student who has determined what they would like to achieve at the end of their studies.

The core requirement for a student is becoming successful. This is solely dependent on the students’ ability to formulate ways of achieving success. This, therefore brings us to the traits a successful student poses. Successful students are responsible. A responsible student will not engage in vices that can undermine their academic success. Self-motivation is also an important aspect of a successful student (Bruening&Laska,2016). A freshman should be self-motivated to achieve their goals.

Let’s consider those things that can make a fresh high school student not to achieve their dreams. To begin with; Procrastination has proved to be the worst ‘dream-killer’ to a students’ success. A saying that goes, time waits for no man. When you are avoiding to do your assignments in time and maybe skipping classes, you will probably fail in your examinations and eventually fail to graduate to college. Stress is another barrier to success and a student should be able to handle their stress in the right manner. Friends; this is a major point. Remember your friends determine who you are and what you do. Friends can ruin or uplift one to achieve their goals. Choosing friends correctly is important.

There are cases of student bullying which in most cases the school management do contain and try to discourage among the students (Suldo&Parker,2019). The freshmen are advised to always report such cases to the school management and such individuals are dealt with properly. Engaging in extra-curricular activities is important for a student. The freshmen should embrace sporting activities. This will help in developing physical life. Consequently, this will keep you busy and not be able to take part in bad vices that can interfere with your academics. The internet has also proofed to be both an important feature and also dangerous. You should navigate it with proper caution.

High school life is never an easy path. As a freshman you should have perseverance and hold on to the end. Perseverance is the constant push to success with no discouragement or being pulled back by a previous failure. This require hard work. You are advised that success never come easily. This requires hard work and patience. Good things take time to reach them who worked extra hard. As a freshman, you’re advised to that it can take weeks or months in the academic life of a student to realize success. Giving up is never an option, rather the zeal to work extra hard is of much importance.

Set standards are drivers to success. A student who wants to graduate from high school with better grades has to set their own standards. Always reward yourself for the small achievements made and never stop striving for the best. Having a standard of hard work is much important. Success is founded on hard work and successful students use hard work as their standard for success in their academic journey. How can a freshman set their standards and be able to achieve them; you do this by defining your goals and working towards the. Consult your teachers in areas that are posing challenges to your academic life.


The high school transition is critical to a fresh student. It really determines what you’re to become in future. When correctly undertaken, one can land to a prestigious course and college. It is therefore an advice to the fresh students to define their goals clearly and work towards achieving their goals without giving up. Now start your studies and go for your lifetime dream. I wish the freshmen the best in their high school journey.

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