Creativity Should be a Class Course

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Creativity is using your imagination to develop your ideas. Schools should have the establishment of creativity classes for the ones who interested in building on their creativity or expressing their creativity I agree that creativity should be a class course since, creativity can help you navigate the issues of the real world in life.

Creativity helps us meet those events, problems or situations with the most useful and constructive of attitudes, which in turn allows them to turn out in our favor.

“The enhancement of creativity by training; these have been the main themes emerging in research on creativity since the last major reviews of the field” 1981 Frank Barron, David M. Harrington Creativity, intelligence, and personality.

Creativity not only defines a person, but it also defines their work and their habits also “creativity is a tool that is needed in our problematic world” there is many reasons on why creativity is needed and why it should be presented especially to kids at a young age.

Because “if kids didn’t have creativity the wouldn’t be to express who they are, and kids would all be the same” and as people grow older creativity will be an important thing tool that they’ll need. For example; “creativity invents new gadgets, technology, and new ways to help out in the world”. Without creativity there would be no buildings, cars, etc. The world would be empty and bland, creativity can help with your work ethics, for example; “people can be either an entrepreneur or work for a business and creativity is something jobs look for”.

Having ‘creativity’ has been proven to be more successful. But many people believe that not every job requires creativity to be successful and that creativity classes should be to the school board, however “without creativity every company would follow the same patterns in marketing’s, techniques, and even the goods and services they may be selling”, Also creativity is a good tool that will get you far in life.

Creativity leads to new creations, and new creations lead to power. “Creativity helps us think of how to improve existing business practices and how to come up with new ideas”.

Being creative can support you to become a better problem solver different in types of scenarios such that may happen in life and work. People with creative minds see things differently and better deal with uncertainty. Studies show that people that are creative are better able to live with unsureness because they can adapt their thinking better, it can keep you healthy, you’ll be able to constantly reinvent your work to stay in your customers’ awareness.

It can also improve your leadership skills. Being an effective leader means being unique and to be unique you must be creative. Creativity is a way of living life that embraces originality and a way of thinking. creativity has many benefits such as Creativity gives you a sense of purpose, Creativity can lead to “feelings of accomplishment and pride”, and Creativity encourages us to be lifelong learner’s creativity has many advantages.

In conclusion I agree with creativity courses, it’ll teach kids/teens about being their own person and having their own voice on their ideas and possibly inventing something new, it’ll teach kids/teens about handling their situations or problems their way with their ideas, creativity prepares kids/teens for the real world, but it also benefits the grownups as well, it’ll give them confidence and give them a sense of purpose.


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