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History and Key Features of Capitalism

The origin of the capitalism is in the 18th century and includes sociology, economics also history. Capitalism was considering as a trade model in the very beginning. Because the capitalism can be found early ages which is in that kind of society, people who live there only got trades between them to create a stable…




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Capitalism and Education Systems in the United States of America and New Zealand

Capitalism has had a vast influence over global education systems for the past two decades especially, with features such as privatisation, urbanisation, displacement and gentrification being apparent and coming from this change in theory for society. Capitalism is an economic and political system whereby a country’s trade and industry exchanges are composed by private owners…


Education System

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Disadvantages of Capitalism

It is undeniable that capitalism is responsible for the fast growth of economies marked by technological advancement, growing production efficiency and alleviation rates. However, this comes at a cost in a cycle that involves the poor and the rich in the society where the former is disadvantaged. Underlying the impressive capitalistic driven developments as by-products…




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Morality of Capitalism

When describing American, many adjectives and characteristics come to mind, both positive and negative, but what is often associated with our system is capitalism. Capitalism, simplified, is an economic system where the means of production are privately owned and operated in hopes for profit. However, many people criticize capitalism to be a greedy system that…



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Mass Culture and Capitalism

From the days of war for language, to the days war for independence and with great history today we know the country as Bangladesh. The fundamental structure to be a socialist country which changed into a country having more opportunities as a free market. Many companies and export industry have helped the country to be…




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The Interaction of Human Nature and Capitalism in Shaping Culture

Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia and Lucy Prebble’s Enron both examine the progression and the ramifications of society within a capitalist system. In the former, Le Guin portrays two seemingly utopic societies—the capitalist Urras and the Odionian experiment of anarachism and communism, Anarres—to demonstrate how communities of pure individualism and pure…


American exceptionalism,


Human rights

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Overcoming Obstacles and Surviving During The Great Depression

Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants is a story of love, empathy, overcoming obstacles and surviving the great depression One major theme of Water for Elephants is the capitalist greed of the powerful maintained by the sacrifices of the weak. In the book, Uncle Al and August whose sole purpose is to maximize profit at the…



Overcoming Obstacles

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How Liberalism and Capitalism are Tied Together

“Liberalism is a political-economic system, then, is defined by its emphasis on individual freedoms over collective equality and on the power of markets over states” (O’Neil, 2013, p.89). Liberalism assumes that individuals are best suited to take responsibility for their own behavior and well-being.  Adam Smith used “liberal” in a similar sense in The Wealth of…




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Bee Movie – Capitalist Society

The Bee Movie is satirizing our present society. It represents our society which is capitalist where individuals are educated in order to be made into workers and that workers are overworked and tend to be stuck at the same job for their whole lives. Barry, who just graduated is forced into a job and lives…


Movie Review,


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American Identity In Michael Moore’s Film Capitalism: A Love Story

In a gallant socialist parlance, Michael Moore in his film “capitalism: a love story”, unveils the true face of capitalism. An exploitative system wherein greedy bankers and CEOs act as vultures striving to get advantage from the working-class hurdles and vulnerability to maximize their profits. It is important to note, moreover, that the ideology and…

American Identity,


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