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History and Key Features of Capitalism

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History and Key Features of Capitalism essay
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The origin of the capitalism is in the 18th century and includes sociology, economics also history. Capitalism was considering as a trade model in the very beginning. Because the capitalism can be found early ages which is in that kind of society, people who live there only got trades between them to create a stable relationship inside their living circle. In other words, the capitalism is become a natural political revolution for the human’s society and it is a mark that trades can be upgraded by the society innovation.

From most of the people’s perspective, capitalism is full of arguments since 16th and 17th century around western countries. Such as England. The commercialization of capitalism actually brings a lot of opportunities to the human. People are taking advantages from these changes. On the other side of this revolution, capitalism also came with inequality and other unstable consequences that are hard to define. Citizens becomes poor, inequality, unequal treatment and losing jobs. Capitalism is changing and becomes more and more unacceptable. A famous political scientist said that before.

“Capitalism is based on reorganize to produce more goods than others, farms that owns by a family and huge workshop full of workers will be gone in the future.” Karl Marx said that. Basically, workers are not themselves anymore, the only thing they own is the labor that comes from their body and the work is belongs to the “Capitalism”. They spend hours and hours to earn that insignificant income from their workplace. Because backed-up labor storage is big enough to make them feels like they need to be careful with their only job there and it is become important to the company to dry out their values.

The perspective from a Japan Koizawa University’s professor states that Karl Marx’s opinion about capitalism are all in bad side. Karl Marx thinks that provide a low salaries and give high pressure daily work in a long-term period, it will cause unemployment and living quality extremely bad during that period. People who lives under the normal society are way more unacceptable. In 2012, presidential election was more focus on the problems which makes the United States economic more stable to reduce the class phenomenon.

From my perspective, capitalism will never become totally equal to everyone base on the Karl Marx statements. High pressure and low income is the problem that make people losing their equality. It is impossible to provide a quality life for the people who work for the bottom society. Although the government will provide a huge circle to protect the employees from these low salary workers, it still can’t fix the big gap that between high income employee who only need to sit in their office. It is true that capitalism pushes the revolution of human but it also faster the unstable in the bottom society. Technology, economic and international trade become the most important things that could destroy bottom society. Not only the bottom society, middle class also influence by these events.

History and Key Features of Capitalism essay

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