Correction of Children Behavior

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Guiding the behavior for children around the age of three to five year olds includes creating mutual respect and expecting cooperation. Actual discipline can be positive and keeps child focused. It encourages self-discipline and correct behavior. Through when using effective discipline, children tend to learn how to make positive choices, learn problem-solving abilities, and learn values of respect and responsibility. It is not the children that teachers want to change, it is the wrong behavior that we try to prevent. We want to support and praise correct behavior. Drawing attention to wrong behavior is letting the child know that their actions are not acceptable. While doing so, we can’t forget to also focus on correct behavior. Praise and reassuring lets children know which behaviors are right and acceptable.

Rules that are fair and regularly enforced, along with familiar routines, help children know what to expect and to know their limits. Children should be talked to, in words they understand, when explaining the reasons for each rule. It’s important to also be clear when explaining the expectations and consequences of children’s behavior. There needs to be guidelines and limits set and stick to them. Letting the child know that you expect encouraging behavior is very important. I would also let it be known that we only use positive feedback when communicating with children to help them solve problems. Also use gentle reminders about expectations for the child’s behavior throughout the day.

Children are naturally curious, teachers need to “child proof” the environment to allow children to explore without having to get them into trouble. When having a consistent routine, the children know what is expected of them. This allows the children to be responsible for their behavior whenever as much as possible. Allowing the child to make suitable choices by offering only choices the teacher is okay with. Constantly reminding the children of limits and consequences in positive ways helps them remember they are in control of what happens in their life. When misbehavior occurs, it’s important to deal with the behavior quickly in a firm, and in an assertive manner. I would plan to use time-out as a last resort to help the children regain control of his or her behavior. Another option would be to redirect inappropriate behavior by asking the child to go to another activity or area.

The children in my class will reserve love and respect, even when they misbehave. Controlling their behavior is a learning process for children. Teachers can teach children appropriate behavior by drawing attention to positive behavior, rewarding children with hugs, praise and setting and enforcing clear consistent limits. Letting children know we do not tolerate inappropriate behavior, but also always approve of and love them.

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