Franklin D Roosevelt’s Qualities of a True Leader

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There are many qualities, attributes, and characteristics that come along with being the president of the United States. Each president leaves behind their own legacy, paving the path for their country’s future. Everyone has their own opinion on who has been the best presidents in United States history. Some qualities that people often look for in a good president are, selflessness, honesty, passion, respect, confidence, and many more. Presidents often lose focus on what they are doing their job for, and why it is important. As a nation, we all need to think on where we should be going as a society. It takes a lot of talent, patience, and determination to be able to run a whole country, and do it well.

There is a huge debate on who the best president of the United States has been. Every single person’s opinion makes for a very detailed argument from citizens all over. Every single president has done very different things for America, some being controversial in a good and bad way. One of the presidents that has often been seen as ‘the best’ is Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But, as any other opinion, there are many thoughts on the matter as to why or why not FDR could be. According to the average statements of historians, their top three presidents are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. In this essay, I’m going to be focusing on why FDR was the best U.S. president, and what attributes of his were the most notable and charitable.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt accomplished many great things in his time as president of the Unites States. FDR set the scene for all of the future presidents and citizens. To begin, president Roosevelt served as governor of New York from 1929 until 1932, so he already had experience working in the business with the government. Additionally, he helped America get through the Great Depression by setting up the 1933 Banking Act. He also set up many laws surrounding discrimination, labor laws, and social security. His efforts to make life easier for the average American was noted and people started looking up to him for his great efforts. Franklin Delano Roosevelt paved the path for American leaders, by showing that it is important to listen to citizens’ concerns and make them feel like their voice is important, something that leaders don’t seem to do anymore. All of FDR’s efforts as the 32nd president of the United States has helped citizens see what a good leader truly looks like.

Leaders have an important job, seeing as they impact and influence regular people for generations to come. FDR had something that you don’t see in a lot of leaders nowadays. He was honest, confident, and committed to helping American people. As a society, we need to take notes and try to be as committed to helping each other, as FDR was. Moving forward, we need to come back to our roots, stop disobeying the law, and realize that we all need one another and need to stop finding reasons to fight. We should all be looking for reasons to help each other and be a kind human. Franklin Delano Roosevelt would have wanted America to thrive on kindness and he would have wanted to see everyone loving each other, not fighting.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the traits and qualities of a true leader. He looked out for his people and tries to find every way possible to make life more simple and easier. FDR always tried to listen to concerns of citizens and he would give them and answer of honesty, and confidence. If there is one thing he wanted his people to know, it was that he would always try to find a way to help them and make their stay in America the easiest he could. President Roosevelt felt sympathy for his citizens and always tried to do what was best for them, instead of himself. He had the traits of a real leader, selfless, honest, confident, and much more, he paved the path for the future of America.


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