Forms of Academic Dishonesty

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In this research paper, we have discussed about academic dishonesty. There are many forms of academic dishonesty but our main focus is on cheating. There is an increasing behavior of students towards academic dishonesty on all levels. There are many factors leading students towards this behavior which includes fear of failure, lack of interest in studies and parental pressure.

Whitley (2001) examined gender differences regarding academic dishonesty and found that female students are significantly more involved in dishonest academic practices even though reported frequencies of cheating behavior for both male and female students were nearly the same.

Al-Qaisay (2008) examined whether students of university are engaged in any type of academic dishonesty. Also he took for their justification for their lack of dishonesty. Although most of the students are not involved in any severe form of cheating; they showed an inclination towards involving in academic dishonesty. There was also a clash between students’ reports and their lectures observations with respect to students’ amount of cheating.

Underwood and Szabo (2003) reported the issues of academic offenses and e-learning: individual propensities in cheating. They reported that the use of information and communication technologies has made academic dishonesty easier and that the academic dishonesty in this technology rich environment is a critical issue for higher education. Data were collected from 291 UK undergraduates’ students.

The study showed that the students accepted that they are involved in plagiarism to achieve the academic goals. Female students are founded more involved in this activity. Fresh undergraduate made more mistakes than students in the later years of their degree. There was a positive correlation between uses of information from the internet for assignment.

There were number of interrelated factors impacting individuals’ willingness to commit academic offences. While fear of failure is important; there were other factors that might encourage students.

Nadelson (2007) carried out a study on academic misconduct by university students, faculty perceptions and responses. Data were collected using survey from faculty members at a public university. A seven-point questionnaire was use to gather information.

Information was collected from 300 full time graduate and undergraduate faculty members. It was found that the faculty members use a variety of measures and strategies to improve students’ behavior. However some teachers did not take any serious action on dishonesty.

Eastman,et al.(2008) founded the reason of this non serious and unethical behavior. Data were collected from 421 students from the state universities in southern region. A Five point questionnaire was prepared and was used to survey and gather information.

It was found that those students who felt that they had stronger reasons for committing unethical behaviors are more likely to report committing academic dishonesty. All four forms of academic dishonesty: cheating, seeking outside help, plagiarism and E-cheating are considered.


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