Food is Culture and Art

Updated April 29, 2021

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Food is Culture and Art essay

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Food is a thing that consists of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that the body uses to grow. Culture is all the things that characterize social groups. One of the more representative elements of a Culture is their food. Food is a space of meaning tied down that divides and define a social history, which is a great place to talk and learn about culture.

Food is culture when it is produced, because humans does not only use what they find in nature, as other animal species do, but they also aspire to create their own food, superimposing the production activity on capture. Food is culture when it is prepared, because once the products are acquired, humans transforms them through fire and a high technology that are expressed in the practice of cooking.

Food is culture when consumed, because people, even if they can eat everything, or maybe just for that reason, does not really eat everything, but chooses their own food with criteria linked to the economic, nutritive dimension or values symbolic of the same food. An example is when Ammi added beef and vegetable tom the spaghetti (Naqvi 932).

This shows that food is configured as a decisive element of human identity and as one of the most effective instruments to communicate it. Taste and culinary habits are influenced by factors such as social class, race, religion, age, education, health and the social environment. An example is how Ammi made two kind of spaghetti one that represent her Culture for her and her husband and the other on the American way just for her children (Naqvi 929).

Therefore, it can be affirmed that taste is formed socially and not individually and consumer behavior as an expression of the social class to which it belongs. Food is related to the way of life of the human being and says a lot about the education and culture of the people. Nutrition as a process interacts with the culture of each region, which is what often defines the development of diseases such as obesity and non-communicable chronic degenerative diseases, since national statistics show a certain disparity between states.

Food is nature and experience. The human race finds, domesticates or cultivates a food in nature and transforms it into its own food. This is the cultural thing, because it has a different identity from that of the neighbor. For example, in my country people eat natural food like rice, beans, meat avocado, vegetables, plantain etc. and people are in shape.

Food is an unavoidable and privileged source in which to drink to understand our societies. In short, even though food and the pantry are global, we are moved by the affinity of customs, tastes and identity palates. That is to say, the kitchen of the grandmother will never die! And neither does the grandmother, because culturally she will survive outside the walls of her house and even the borders of her country, by this I mean that every kitchen is possessed of symbolic values because it expresses a cultural practice and refers to exchanges, since it is the first way to get in contact with others. Therefore, I believe that food apart from representing culture, is also art.

Food is Culture and Art essay

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