Kobe Bryant as One of the Best Basketball Players

Updated October 27, 2021

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Kobe Bryant as One of the Best Basketball Players essay

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This man started his life just watching; eventually, he put his foot down and started to work. After he began to train and practice, he started to become something everybody would know. He would become a legend. Kobe Bryant is known as the number one basketball player because he started from nothing and now everybody knows him.

Kobe Bryant’s childhood was very long and stressful because he moved everywhere. “Even as a youngster, Kobe Bryant’s life was shaped around basketball. When he was five years old his father left the NBA and moved his family to Italy, where he played in an italian league. At first, living outside of the United States was not easy on Kobe and his sisters.” As Kobe Bryant grew up his father played in the NBA when Kobe was five his father got out of the NBA and moved to Italy. When they moved to Italy Kobe’s father played in an italian league. When they first moved out of the United States it was hard on Kobe and his sisters because they had to grow up living out of their comfort zone. “Over the next eight years, Kobe’s father played on four different teams in Italy. Which meant that the Bryant family had to move to a new city every few years. But while the family did not like moving so often, they enjoyed many other aspects of their life in Italy.”

Over a course of the next eight years Kobe’s father played on four different italian basketball teams. This means Kobe and his family had to move every couple of years. They did not like to move a lot but at the same time they lived it because they got to see other parts of Italy all the time but they didn’t like it because it cost money and you have to leave your friends behind. “The court was usually also a gathering spot kids who played soccer, which is a far more popular sport than basketball in Italy. This meant that Kobe often had to fight for court time. After school I would be the only guy on the basketball court, working on my moves.” Kids in Italy cared about soccer more than they cared about basketball, so the basketball courts were usually full of the kids that wanted to play soccer and not basketball. This means that Kobe was usually the only boy that was playing basketball but he still played no matter how long it took to practice his moved on the court.

“Joe Bryant made a point of taking his son to his practices whenever he could. There, Kobe would shoot baskets by himself off in a corner. As he grew older, he began to challenge his father’s teammates to play one-on-one. I used to set them up.” Kobe’s father Joe Bryant would take Kobe to his practices as much as possible and Kobe would play by himself in a corner eventually he got old enough and started to challenge his father’s teammates. He would make them go hard so basically he got to practice too. He would tell them they played like a little kid. He would set them up. “Despite the lack of basketball facilities for young players in Italy, Bryant was given every opportunity to work on his game. He would sit with his father and watch videotapes of the NBA games that relatives mailed to them.”

Kobe would work in his moves by watching his dad’s team and watch tapes that family members would send in to them but he watched them so much that he would memorize the moves of NBA players he would go with his father to NBA games and was given just about every opportunity to practice his moves on basketball. He practiced a lot. Even though when Kobe and his family came back to the United States in 1991 they moved to Pennsylvania they simmered down in a small suburb in Pennsylvania called Lower Merion. After they settled down Kobe’s father got a job as an assistant coach for a basketball team at a private school and he also worked as a personal trainer.

After Kobe’s family settled down in Lower Merion Kobe started looking for people to compete against in basketball. He wanted to continue to practice his basketball skills. He started to seek out games to play but he wanted to know how the skills he made in Italy worked in the United States. He wanted to know the effectiveness of the italian skills. He used all his spare time playing in pick up games and leagues. A few months went by and everybody knew his name he blew everybody out of the water with his basketball moves he dominated the game of basketball. Nobody could keep his name out of their mouth he was so good he had everybody on and off the court talking him. That’s how good he is (Harris,2000). Even though Kobe’s childhood was hard he still pushed through life and became the biggest basketball player alive.

Kobe’s work finally paid off, he got into the NBA, and he in one of the top players in it too.”Downer worked hard to help Bryant develop various aspects of his game during the summer months he spent a great deal of time playing one-on-one against Bryant. After a while though the coach refused to play Bryant anymore. I had to he recalls I couldn’t beat a 13-year-old.” Downer Kobe’s coach tried to help Kobe look at basketball from all point of views. They spent most of the time summer months together playing basketball. Playing one-on-one eventually Downer had to stop playing or he refused to play Kobe anymore because Kobe was so good. He refused to play him because he knew he couldn’t beat a 13-year-old. Finally when Kobe was growing older he beat his father; he was 16 but after he beat his father for the first time his father would cheat and would trip, elbow, and hit him in the face but Kobe continued to play his father. All the elbowing, hitting, and cheating would stop when his mother came outside. Even though Kobe made it to the NBA he didn’t stop quit working to get better he kept up his pace to become better and stronger (Harris,2000).

By the middle of Kobe Bryant’s career he was the biggest basketball player in the NBA. When Kobe lead to the Lakers to their third NBA title they ran into trouble and lost in the 2003 playoffs in the second round and several months Kobe couldn’t play because he was battling the courts because he was being charged with rape. But he proved his innocence (Kobe Bryant, 2018). Kobe has a newly signed contract with Nike it is a five year contract it is worth 40 million dollars he also has contracts with McDonalds, Spalding, Sprite, and Upper Deck. They all want him because he is a very big super star a lot of people will look at what he uses and want it. During the middle of Kobe’s career Kobe was battling a lawsuit. He was accused of rape but, that didn’t stop him from practicing. He fought his way through that and continued to work hard (Hein, 2003).

Kobe Bryant is one of the best basketball players in the world. With all the practice and dedication Kobe became a big name in the basketball community and everybody knows him. For Kobe to have been moved around a lot as a kid and still be this good at what he does; you can do anything in life no matter how hard it gets.

Kobe Bryant as One of the Best Basketball Players essay

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