Examples of Leaders in Health Care

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One of the leaders in the health care setting is a clinical officer. Mr. John who is the clinical officer has different roles that include promoting the values and vision of the organization that is aimed at ensuring that other healthcare workers are focused on the organizations goals (Hitt, Miller, & Colella, 2015). Dr. Thomas Frieden is also another leader in the healthcare sector who is the director of the Centers for Disease and Prevention. In this leadership position, Dr. Frieden is responsible for providing guidance and direction in preventive services that are aimed at decreasing infections in healthcare organizations and the entire nation at large (Hitt, Miller, & Colella, 2015). Dr. Loressa who is the CEO of the American Nursing Association is also a leader overseeing the activities and the implementation of programs by the American Nursing Association (Hitt, Miller, & Colella, 2015).

Each Individuals Leadership Style

Mr. John has adopted servant leadership where the leader displays this by empowering his staff members to achieve high performance as well as growth in their careers. Mr. John also ensures that most of the healthcare workers’ needs are effectively addressed to ensure that all members are comfortable in their work (Menaker, 2009). Dr. Frieden, on the other hand, uses transformational leadership style. This is characterized by how the leader depends on the views of other healthcare workers in making important decisions. Frieden has also ensured a good working environment with most of the healthcare resources being available to staff members (Menaker, 2009). The third leader is Dr. Loressa who is the CEO of the American Nursing Association who has used democratic leadership style for the longest time. The leader has implemented strategies to motivate nurses in different aspects. The leader also rewards high performing nurses sustaining their performance in different aspects (Menaker, 2009).

Do You Think That Leaders in the Healthcare Field Face Challenges That Are Outside the Normal Realm for Most Other Leaders?

Leaders in the healthcare field face diverse challenges that are outside the normal realm for most other leaders due to the nature of their profession. Healthcare delivery is a sensitive profession where leaders must work hard to ensure that adequate resources are available and that healthcare workers are highly motivated in their practice (Stefl & Bontempo, 2008). This is because a failure in the leaders will lead to negative effects in the organization that may lead to serious harm for patients (Stefl & Bontempo, 2008). Negative effects on the healthcare field do not impact one individual rather many individuals who rely on the healthcare sector for the provision of healthcare services as well as the government. This is because the government is the main financier of healthcare sector and has the responsibility of ensuring that all citizens receive quality healthcare services (Stefl & Bontempo, 2008).


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