Evidence of God Exists

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The universe runs by its own laws, but at the same time follows the law of nature. The greatest scientists have been struck by how strange this is. There is no logical necessity for a universe that obeys rules, let alone one that abides by the rules of mathematics. This astonishment springs from the recognition that the universe does not have to behave this way. It is easy to imagine a universe in which conditions change unpredictably from instant to instant, or even a universe in which things pop in and out of existence, but why does it stay the same. Seeing that the universe obeys these rules is a proof of the existence of God.

The universe has not always existed. It had a start. What caused that? Explanations such as the Big Bang Theory have been brought up, but scientists have not accepted this explanation for the sudden explosion of light and matter. Present studies have shown that for things to be the way they are, there must be a higher power, bringing God’s existence into question. It has been proven that Earth is exactly how it needs to be, and if there was as little as 0.00001% difference in the composition of the Earth, life would not be possible because there seems to be a spectacular balance in everything (Adamson).

The Earth is made up of 71% water while the human body is made up of 60% water. Water is essential to life and is also chemically neutral. Without affecting the makeup of the substances, it carries, water enables food, medicines, and minerals to be absorbed and used by the body. Water is in high composition in the world, and without as much water, life would not be possible. Water also helps to moderate the temperature of the Earth, and when it gets too cold, only the surface of water bodies freezes locking in the heat and keeping oxygen there for the animals.

The Earth is exactly where it is possible for life to be in existence: if the Earth were closer to the sun, heat would destroy everything, and if the Earth were further away, the planet would be too cold for life to be possible. The Earth is also the right size: if the Earth were smaller, an atmosphere would be impossible, like the planet Mercury, and if the Earth were larger, its atmosphere would hold free hydrogen, like Jupiter. Earth is the only known planet equipped with an atmosphere of the right mixture of gases to sustain plant, animal, and human life. Planets spin around all the time to ensure there is light everywhere keeping the planet cooled and warmed evenly. Furthermore, the moon is the perfect size and distance from the Earth’s gravitational pull.

The moon creates important ocean tides and movement so ocean waters do not stagnate, and yet our massive oceans are restrained from spilling over across the continents. As the Earth spins at 67,000 mph, we are not thrown off due to gravity; a force which helps to hold us down. It has been proven that if gravity were stronger than it is then the planet would compress, but if it were not as strong, we would all float into space and die due to lack of oxygen. Oxygen is also a very needed gas and it is found in abundance on the planet to ensure that life continues, and there are oxygen producing green plants which help to ensure that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not too much.

Human beings are proof that God exists because our brains are highly developed to multi task. The human brain processes more than a million messages a second, filtering out the unimportant. This screening function is what allows us to focus and run effectively in the world by giving us the ability to reason, produce feelings, dream, plan, act, and relate to other people (Scaliger). The eyes also are highly developed and programmed to be able to distinguish seven million colors. It has automatic focusing and handles an astounding 1.5 million messages simultaneously (Davson). Evolution focuses on mutations and changes from and within existing organisms. Yet evolution alone does not fully explain the first source of the eye or the brain, and the start of living organisms from nonliving matter. The ears although tiny have many functions other than hearing, they help with balance of the body. Even if you are deaf, they are useful because they give you balance (Adamson).

All instruction, teaching, and training comes with intent. Someone who writes an instruction manual does so with purpose. Our body is made up of cells which carry out functions assigned to it by the chemicals in it and it runs like a computer program because it is given a code which it follows for the body to keep working. Natural, biological causes are completely lacking as an explanation when programmed information is involved. You cannot find instruction, precise information like this, without someone intentionally constructing it (Collins).

Some people argue that if God exists and He sent His son to die for us, why does suffering exist? But the truth behind it is that he believes we all should be given free will and when we come to the realization that He exists by opening our hearts to Him, He will guide us but not control us. When we let him guide us, he will open our eyes to the realization that the reason why suffering exists, so He can be glorified in all of it and not all he does is comprehensive to us. He is wiser than we realize and there is a reason for everything to happen. Some others may argue that it is difficult to believe in what you do not see, but it all comes down to having faith in him, believing and being patient (Fox), but the greatest evidence that God exists is that he loves us to the point of bringing Himself to Earth in the form of a human being. And transforming lives of the men and women who have searched for Him, found Him, and invites Him into their hearts. This experience has convinced them beyond any doubt that God lives and that He lives in their lives each day.

God does exist and for those who have not yet asked for God into their heart, He has a special invitation and a special promise: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him” (Revelations 3:20). I believe that God does exist and with the scientific evidences I presented it is more logical to accept the existence of God although there are opposing point of views. I also believe that in the next few years, more proofs of God will be gotten and the opposing views on the non-existence of God will be forgotten.

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