Ethical Dilemma of Advertisement

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Advertisement is one of the tools that help the growth of the company. Companies need to have advertisement to compete with other company. There are few general advertisements objectives which are to inform, to persuade and to remind the consumer. The main aim of the advertisement is to let consumers to buy their product and to use the service.

Most of the company usually promote their advertisement in the online platform because in the technology era everyone is using electronic device so it can reach the maximum of the view of the consumer. The main aim of our assignment is to discuss about the ethical dilemma of both advertisement and the six perspective.

The first advertisement that we are going to discuss is produce by Lazada Malaysia, “Iklan Raya Lazada”. It is an advertisement that have an emotional and persuasive storyline. It is about an old man went through a long journey to buy a massage chair for his wife due to some injuries When he came back home he noticed that the house is fully furnished.

His wife use Lazada apps to purchase all items for raya and it provide free delivery to the rural area. The second advertisement which is produce by Garb Malaysia, “Iklan Raya Grab”. It is an advertisement with a storyline. Its is about a lady wanted to go back to her hometown with bus but when she reach the bus station she only notice that she accidentally put his clothes to the washing machine and her ticket was in it. So there is a person promote her with the GrabCar apps and she uses the service reach her hometown on time.

Human Nature Perspective

Human nature include the core characteristics such as feeling, thinking, psychology and shared by all persuadee. Everyone has different experience and thought, and this is where the argument begins. Richard Johannesen stated as the characteristics can be used as judgment on ethics of persuasion.

In human nature perspective, the ability to think , create and use symbols should be respected. For example, Lazada advertisement allow public to have any rating or feedback to their product. Grab advertisement do not have a certain time limitation on enjoying their service. Both of the advertisements allow the public to make decision and judgement, it is considered ethical to the public.

Dialogical Perspective

Dialogical known as to let the persuader and persuadee to exchange of ideas and opinions on certain items and perspective. It promotes communication can help the public understand and manage their differences. It is easier to persuade persuadee when the persuader is using two-way communication which is dialogical communication.

The first advertisement Lazada is posted on Facebook and it allows the public to give command and communication between persuader and persuadee. The second advertisement Grab company posted the advertisement on Instagram story, it not only allow the public to command, they even make a poll to let the public to rate their advertisement.


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What are ethics in advertisement?
Ethics in advertisement refers to the moral principles and values that guide advertisers to conduct their business in a fair, honest, and responsible manner, ensuring that their ads do not mislead or manipulate consumers. It involves adhering to industry standards, regulations, and social norms, while promoting the products or services in a truthful and transparent manner.
What are the ethical issues of advertising?
Some ethical issues of advertising are that it can be misleading and it can exploit vulnerable populations.
What is an example of ethics in advertising?
Advertising should be truthful and not misleading. It should also be fair to consumers and not take advantage of them.
What is ethical and unethical in advertising?
Ethics are a system of moral principles that govern a person's behavior, while art is the expression of creative skill through a medium such as painting or sculpture.
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