Essay About Persuasive Speeches

Updated April 20, 2022

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Essay About Persuasive Speeches essay

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Persuasive Speeches are intended at persuading or convincing the audience to agreeing to our views. My famous historian persuasive speech I watched was Barrack Obama’s speech that made him President. Obama convinces the audience at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, MA with the fact that there is still hope for America and that there is no divisible America .He said they are all one people and that there is nothing like White American ,Latin America or Black American. His audience was made up of both men and women and mostly Blacks with some historical figures reporting at the background ,there was good lighting there was a pulpit he stood at while addressing his audience .He was very audible.

First of all, he starts his speech grabbing the audience attention by introducing a quick history of his background of his parents and how love was an ultimate goal for themselves and America at large .His background immediately engages the connection between him and his audience as they were all attentive .He presents a speech of hope and love for America as a whole and one another.

More so, He builds credibility as his background and experience happen to be American based hence ,making him a good candidate to address his audience. As he proceeds in the body of the speech, he uses some really factual or concrete reasons of him being in debt and is indebted to those who were here before him. This happens to be the case with every American as being in debt is a common characteristic of us living here both Americans as well as foreigners. His sincerity is really portrayed in this aspect of his speech giving him so much credibility by his audience .The constant and continuous applaud and ceaseless waving of the flyers inscripted ”OBAMA” by the audience shows that his audience are convinced with what he is saying .He has a good communication skill ,the way he speaks to this huge group of people.

Furthermore ,he also portrays a lot of enthusiasm from the way he presents his interest in the things he said ,love for one another and being hopeful everyone. He however convinces his audience greatly as he touches some pertinent issues about The elderly or senior citizens in the society not being able to pay for their medical bills as well as rents. His conviction about this sinks down to the hearts of the audience as they applaud waving ceaselessly their flyers in agreement to what he is saying .The fact that he had an African background is an aspect he himself could have in mind as a barrier but his confidence, frankness and ability to speak good English was something I believe greatly influenced his winning and becoming the president of America.

To conclude, He maintains a good eye contact with his audience through out and use of enthusiasm ,positively influence his speech. He constantly keeps a smiling face as he expresses his frank words of love for one another and hope to all people in America no matter where you are from or what you look like. A greater aspect of Hope is even seen in his closing or conclusion of his speech when he states that everyone needs to have hope even when uncertain, no matter the situation. He states that ”Out of the slump political doctors ,a brighter day will come ”I feel like this really gave so much hope for his audience who happen to also be from different countries , race, background just like he himself.

Essay About Persuasive Speeches essay

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