The Oldest Epic Of Iraqianian

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The Gilgamesh Epic is a myth or poetic epic that is considered the oldest literary work we have come to date. The events of the epic were written 4000 years ago. According to the year of antiquities and the late Iraqi historian Taha Baqer, it is considered the old odyssey of Iraq. Taha Baqer was proficient in the four historical Iraqi languages: Arabic, Aramaic, Akkadian, Sumerian, English, French and German.

The Gilgamesh epic revolves around King Gilgamesh – king of the city of Sumerian Uruk. For Gilgamesh, the gym is Persian kava. Uruk is the famous Sumerian city that maintained its ancient name in the Arab-Islamic era in the name of Warka or Al-Warqa. It is mentioned in the Torah in the long form of Ark and in the Greek sources in the name of Ορόόη Urkhoi.

Its ruins are now about 220 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, a short distance to the east of the current Euphrates. The beginning of the saga says that Gilgamesh built the walls of the great city of Uruk, which is unprecedented according to the saga, and forbade any sacred I – the most famous of the holy Warka temples, and was dedicated to the worship of God Anoh and the goddess Ishtar or Anana in Sumerian.

The saga says: After Gilgamesh and the great God created him. Shamsh – the sun god, and they had the God of justice and the laws – heavenly good, and singled him – the god of thunder and storms and rain – championship. God made the image of Gilgamesh complete. His length was eleven cubits, and the width of his chest was nine. Two thirds of which is a, and one-third of the rest are human, and his body is unmatched. And his weapon is unobstructed.

The story goes on: The heroes of Uruk have to wait for their rooms, complaining, complaining (meaning that Gilgamesh is a fatwa but he is lying and lying in them before Maghrib). Gilgamesh did not leave his father’s son. His grievances did not stop from day and night. But Gilgamesh is the patron of Uruk, (Zmzkka incomprehensible right) Gilgamesh did not leave a virgin to her lover (break their eye) nor the daughter of the fighter nor the fiance of the hero (vile after Haki what Shafach eyes). Finally, the gods heard their complaint (sometimes the net is out of coverage and what the gods hear is normal). And the heavenly god summoned the Lord of Urok, and said unto him, Have you not created this mighty beast? Who did not match his weapon, did not leave Gilgamesh a son of his father or a virgin to her lover, and what oppresses people day and night that he is their patron but oppresses them. (And how that people complain to the gods, even the gods complain to each other).

And when Anu the Galilee heard their grievances, they called the great Arroe and said to her, ‘O Arroyo, who created this man by the command of Enlil, I will now appoint an enemy to match him with the strength of the heart and the resolve. (Arrested by the Lord of the oppressors against the oppressors and brought out of them safe) And when I heard Aruru that I imagined in the heart of the image or image because I washed Arro hands and took the grip of clay and threw in the wilderness (religion Alsumarin was telling them that God created clay) created in the wild Enkidu strong And even stronger is possible to declare a battle of dignity against Gilgamesh very ordinary) his body is covered with hair, and his hair is like the hair of a woman, the strands of his hair as the hair of the goddess Nisaba – the goddess of yield and grain. He does not know the people or the country (a bird walking on the ground) and wearing his body like Smokan – cattle. (Our understanding of Arro Tbe ​​retaliates against Gilgamesh and not the poor Enkidu) and with Antelope eating grass (actually the Sumerians have a fantasy play). And watering with the animal from the water resources.

It happened that a hunter met him at the water supplier. Then the fisherman saw him a second and third day when he was watering the water (even the fisherman form his entrails, meaning narrowed the vast land of God, a pension in Bir Miyeh except when the beast? ) Enkidu and the animal entered the ponds of his fishing and the heart of the fisherman fell, and his color fell, and his heart went into terror, and his face became like a distant journey. The hunter rushed to his father to say to him, ‘Dad! I saw a strange man descending from the highlands. It is stronger than in the country, and it is very strong, and it is in its intensity like the determination of Anu (hunter his lawn bites a few spices on the story) that he roams the steppe and the hills and eats the grass and grazing with wild animals and drinking with them at the water supplier. I was terrified of him and I never got closer to him. I have filled the wells that I dug, and cut my Shabaki, which was erected and made the animal and hunting the land to escape from my hands and deprived me of hunting righteousness (Tasthalha funny, who is your opponent on your hand oxidize the day and the three?)

He opened his father’s mouth and said to him, ‘My son, live in Uruk Gilgamesh, which is unparalleled in strength and strength, and is in the same intensity as the determination of Ano. Go to Orok, and Gilgamesh is well informed of this man’s goodness, and to give you a prostitute to accompany her with you (a prostitute is a prostitute, but in some ancient civilizations there was a certain kind of prostitute called the holy prostitute. Another fighter?) When he comes to purify the animal from the water supplier (we do not tell him that he was an animal, came and brought it from the Sumerians) Let her take off her clothes and reveal the charms of her body, if what he saw, he will be attracted to it (wisdom is understood that if you find a bug in the country Sumer, you just have to sit down and fear them, Wiggie Polk is another prostitute.) Then his animals, which he had with him in the wilderness, would be disowned (Sumer animals had principles, values ​​and traditions). The hunter went to Uruk and told the story to Gilgamesh. And Gilgamesh consented, and sent with him the prostitute, and the two went to the place where the beast Enkidu was.

When he arrived at the place, he waited for two days until Enkidu and his animals came to drink from the well. If this adult, this wild man, saw the genie coming from the depths of the prairie. The fisherman came to her: Come on, you bastard, find out about your riches, uncover your nakedness, to enjoy your body’s charms, do not be reluctant, but radiant and defiant.


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