Engro Corporation

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Mission Statement

“Unlocking Pakistan’s potential through globally competitive, inclusive solutions to today’s most pressing issues.”

Engro Corporation, also known as Esso Fertilizers is a multinational and a cosmopolitan company to provide solutions for daily life problems through their diverse chain of investments into products and services such as Engro fertilizers, foods, chemicals, energy and petrochemicals. Their main purpose is to enable Pakistan to minimize the economic as well as energy crisis through giving convenience for food products with the certainty of hygiene and nourishment, delivering low-cost electricity to their consumers and developing local power production for the nation to grow domestically, independently and internationally.


To achieve the above-mentioned mission, every market and customer-oriented company or organization needs to set some objectives and aims because they are highly determined to increase their market share and build customer relationships. Engro Corporation aims to minimize the obstacles faced by the nation on an everyday basis which includes economical industrial along with environmental crisis, for which it focuses on building and setting various industries and manufacturing diverse dairy products. For instance, Engro foods are more driven towards the production of their manufactured good’s nutrition and value for dairy products such as Olpers, Tarang and Omore etc. whereas, Engro petrochemicals plays a different role by creating products like Caustic Soda, Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid.


A company paves the path to achieve the objectives set by them, known as goals. Over the period, Engro’s main goal has always been to provide better, affordable and utmost solutions to the consumers and create value for all the stakeholders. Engro multiple subsidiaries allow the consumers to advantage from their manufactured products whether in the form of dairy, food products, chemicals or fertilizers. Engro fertilizers are used to add nourishment into the plants which help in the agriculture sector, produce soil and crop enhancing chemicals such as Engro Urea, Engro Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) and so much more to boost the roots of the plants which further helps in the growth of grains and increases the fabrication of flowers.

In these ways, the corporation believes that their products and investments encompass the agriculture and food sector, energy, petrochemicals and fertilizers sector, from benefiting the manufacturer to the consumer as well as providing a way out for energy crisis profiting the stakeholders and on top of the consumers.

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Is engro a government company?
Engro is a Pakistani multinational conglomerate company with interests in fertilizers, foods, chemicals, and energy. The Government of Pakistan owns a minority share in the company.
Is engro a Pakistani company?
Yes, Engro is a Pakistani company. It is a conglomerate with interests in fertilizers, food, and chemicals.
What does Engro Corporation do?
Engro Corporation is a Pakistani multinational conglomerate company with interests in fertilizer, chemicals, food and beverages, cement, packaging, energy, petrochemicals and textiles. The company is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan.
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