Effect of Woman Suffrage

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The first ever woman suffrage meeting was in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848 which is where the conflict occurred.But, the 19th amendment was passed, the 19th amendment is the amendment to saying anyone can vote because of this woman was able to vote in 1920. In 1848,most of society didn’t agree with women’s suffrage.But triumph women gained the right to vote.

Although women gained the right to vote it wasn’t easy there was still some tragedies along the way. For example, in 1894, 600,000 signatures was proposed to New York’s Constitutional Convention but this was declined.In addition to that, the fourth amendment was made, this amendment states that voters and citizens are only male, made in 1868. Moreover, during the Civil War woman suffrage was put on hold because all the time was put into war this was to 1861 till 1865. Also, in 1874 a Union was made called the Women’s Christian Temperance Union or WCTU, which bought a new problem, a liquor lobby which thought that woman would use voting to stop selling liquor.

Even though there were a lot of obstacles along away there was also many triumphs. For instance, in May of 1919 US representative named James R Mann proposed Susan Anthony’s amendment to the House Of Representatives the amendment is to have women vote and majority approved this. Consequently, the proposal was taken to the senate on June 4th of the same year and once again it passed. In addition, only after six days three states also certified the amendment. Finally, the 19th amendment was certified in the all of the US on August 26, 1920.

As a result, the goal of the women’s rights movement changed, from voting had now changed to woman having equal power in various fields woman that was now available for woman. Analogous to this event after woman voting became a thing there was a pattern in woman’s votes for starters the number of women voting was lower than expected and the way and who woman voted on was sketchy to the pattern was that woman would not vote by themselves and it always seemed to have the same or similar vote as the men in their lives, husbands, brothers, sons, etc.

Equally important, when women gained the right to vote in 1920 the number of international voting decreased and in both genders. Moreover, In the Progressive Era after War World 1 support from women rights slowed. On the contrary, in the 1920,and the 20 an the 21th century more women joined Congress.

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