Education is Very Important

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For me the meaning of education is very important. Without it, it would be hard to find a good decent job, or a job that pays well. Who likes to work at a job that they don’t appreciate? That’s why it’s good to go to college get a degree and start your career from the right foot. Education is what goals are made from, where dreams come true. My goal after high school was to start college right away but that didn’t work out very well, things happen in life right?

Than as I got older, got married, had kids my goal and dream went to the back burner. I was focused on raising my children, sending them off to school and taking care of other personal issues. But I not once forgot that I still want to get an education. I still wanted to finish the goal I once started 12 years ago. When that opportunity came I didnt let it go. With my little story I would like to say that i’ve seen many people give up their goals or something they have started a while ago.

Their dreams that never came true because they got stuck in a situation and couldn’t get out. They would make up an excuse saying that ‘it’s not meant to be’ or ‘I don’t want to go to college anymore’. I feel bad for those types of people, they’re wasting their life and education for what? Because they didn’t feel like going anymore? I call those types of people lazy. When my time came I jumped to the opportunity, I didn’t want to let this one pace by again. College may be harder than high school and it also may be a lot different but that’s where the difference is.

See, school just teaches you your ABC’s your 123’s, about the history but one thing it lacks is to prepare you for college, for your higher education, and once you get here, to college you get overwhelmed by how it’s so different than what you have known your 12 years of school. The college education though, is so much more important in my opinion because this sets your path for the future, it accomplishes your goals and dreams. Education is important to people, CEO’s started off their company’s and business from going to college or universities.

So it’s important for everyone to have education. Many people may argue that you can find plenty of great jobs that pay well and have good benefits, I know from experience that not having a degree in college or university won’t get you that great of a job as people say. It doesn’t pay as much as you wish, doesn’t have all the benefits you need and it’s certainly not your dream job. So, yes an education is a very important thing in our lives, our children’s lives. So let’s continue our education and not give up. We will survive and get through this. Lets not forget that this is our goal, our dream, our future.

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