Ecological Research in Pandemic Crisis

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As a Psychology major during this period of a pandemic crisis brought by SARS-CoViD-2, everything I have learned in my Biology class can be applied to better prepare and protect communities. Lessons regarding Ecology can be very much involved in creating a plan for quarantine measures during a pandemic. As formerly introduced to us, ecology is a branch of biology that focuses on the relationships and interactions of organisms with one another and their surroundings. Also included in this lesson are the scopes of ecological research, which I find very useful as a student during this time. Because in Ecological Research, ecologists study the interactions of individual organisms to a global range, it is undoubtedly correlated with the situation we have now.

As discussed, the different scopes of ecological research are organismal, population, community, ecosystem, landscape, and global ecology. To better prepare and protect our communities, a suggestion I can make is to encourage every individual I know to check on themselves first. If they can, and have the time, have themselves tested for the virus. This is in relation to the organismal ecology. Second would be to check the people who are around them, even though they have been on home quarantine. They should always ask everyone surrounding them where they came from, and if they are sick or know anyone who has been sick.

This is in relation to population ecology. Third, I will encourage all my friends and families, even strangers online, to always wear facial masks and keep sanitized to avoid being infected. I will also encourage anyone who came from a region that is highly infected by the virus to consider themselves as Persons Under Investigation, and to isolate themselves. The ecosystem, landscape, and global ecology scopes, I believe, are way out of my control. I have faith on our frontline health workers, government, and world leaders as they continue their research for the cure.

The overall message I am trying to convey is that the main goal right now is to break the chain. Since every individual is connected to a population and a community, at times like these, we should be responsible and keep ourselves distant from each other as much as possible, especially since the virus can be easily passed based on the occurrences that have happened the past couple weeks. Basically, as a Psychology student who has only very limited power to prevent the ongoing pandemic, the best I can do is to advocate social distancing and proper hygiene.

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