Do Death Penalty Deter Crime?

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The death penalty lead to so much crime and people going after people family because of it. Most get to go to the death penalty because of the ether did crime or the did something bad that they shouldn’t be able to leave any more. And for those who don’t know what the death penalty is, the punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. The death penalty is serious and is nothing to play with it is sad and you would this people would stop the crime.

It is hard for family’s to go through that with the death penalty and stuff that will be a lot on the family mind and the person that they are killing could have kids and a family at home that he has to take care of and don’t get me wrong I understand that he killed somebody so why should he live; but that was the pass so why are they real killing people everyone has to die some day and I think they don’t have the right to take the person life if they didn’t do nothing to them. But the overall rating is the death penalty mainly been on blacks’ sense because the law think that blacks are “animals” and that blacks don’t the most crime and that they are trying to get pay back from the slavery days. But it’s not just black on white it is also black on black crime and it mostly come from hate.

All of this going on in the world today it is just a lot. Most people think that it’s a bad thing to do but most think it is a good thing at the end of the day they are still killing people that is doing bad crimes and the way that it looks it is going to be like that forever. The people that they are killing is getting it the worst ways and I’m pretty swear that the people that is killing the person can’t even sleep at night and the will always remember it that is crazy, and I don’t see how people could do something like. Like I said before everyone will die someday but I don’t think it is right for them to take people lives at all no matter what they do.

To begin with, the death penalty been around for a long time and no one knows what to do or who they fell about it and what should they do about it. “Eleventh Century A.D. – William the Conqueror will not allow persons to be hanged except in cases of murder.” The death penalty really only goes for murder, but people want it to stop and sense it been going on for a long time it is never going to stop, and they are going to keep killing people the crime is not going to stop nowhere. The death penalty is very crucial and very harsh.

Next, most states have the death penalty and only a few don’t. It is proven by “DPIC” that states without the death penalty have less crimes and gets in less trouble with the law. Some states do it unequally and they could get in trouble for it they just do it on the low. The states that are doing it know they will get in so much trouble they still do it. It is also proven that they don’t look for color for the death penalty they really just look for the people that do the crime. But I have a question why they don’t kill everyone that don’t do crime why they pick and choose who they want to kill. For example, if some kill someone tomorrow, they will get life or 10 to 20 years or something but if someone else do the same thing they will get charge death penalty. What makes a difference they did the same thing and got different punishments. Probably they been to jail to many times and they already have a bad record and the judge get tired of seeing the same face in the same court room and they might have done the same thing and got free one time.

Also, the whole time why people thinking they can get away with everything is not true people can get. People go to the death penalty for killings. I think you can’t go to the death penalty for one kill you have to have more than one kill, but you can go to jail for years before the death penalty. I think bout time you go to jail for some years you should learn you lesson but everyone is not the same and some people have problems. Sometimes the judge will tell you “the next time you come in the court room you will have to face the death penalty”. I think they should tell everyone that does a crime, so they can have a reason to do good and stay out of the court room/jail.

They shouldn’t want to go back anyways because on its not a good place to be and two they family want to see them doing good well I hope they want to see them doing good. I know for sure if a kid was in the death penalty, they parents would not like it and they would be hurt and would do whatever it takes to save they child life because everyone wants to see their child do good/great and if they stay out of “trouble” and stuff the will be successful and more. But let’s get back on topic no one wants to see their dad, mom, sister, brother etc. end up in the death penalty and I know for sure I wouldn’t like to see none of my people in or going into the death penalty and I know most people don’t want to see their family’s in it either.

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