Discovery of Self-identity Personal Essay

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The greatest problem of mankind is the discovery of self-identity. We live in a generation of people constantly living and ‘faking’ lives of other people. We were created by God to be perfect in all ramification, we are only one copy in the whole universe. There is no exact genetic copy of us. There would always be a slight difference between two species, even identical twins have some hidden difference between them. No wonder scientist took time to study all these differences and tried to classify animals into different groups based on distinguishing characteristics. Do you know that you are also a scientist? Have you ever taken time to study yourself? Do you know how different are from your siblings and friends?

If we take a second to pause and look inwards, we would discover that “hidden reason” why we were created! Do you know that the markers of slippers designed them to be used specially for a slippery environment to overcome friction so that we do not fall in the bathroom? Have you considered how awkward it will look to wear bathroom slippers to work on a Monday morning? I think it would also be awkward to wear an office shoe to the bathroom to have a bath! The problem with we humans is that we try to live a “fake life” or a “fake personality”. I am very sure we have not yet met the “real people” we come across in our everyday life.A step towards solving this particular problem is the discovery of self. Socrates once said “man know thyself”.

Your identity distinguishes you from others. It is your trademark. Coca-Cola will never taste like Pepsi and vice versa, if you try to trick your consumers with a “Pepsi” in a “coke” bottle, you may lose them forever. If this can be so, have you considered how many friends you have lost trying to trick them by showing them who you are not? The vicissitudes of life can only be faced in our own identity. Life will dish out your own experiences according to how you were meant to be created. A farmer will not be saddled with the responsibility of paperwork of a white-collar job, the farmer will be thinking of how best to improve his crops to yield maximum fruits- we bear our own crosses.If you impersonate an identity, you have a double cross to bear!! The cross of the “fake identity” and your main cross.I want you to take this time to ask yourself this question… who you are? Do you know that who you are is different from what people think you are? They could be wrong because they are not you!

There is this parable..’ he who wears the shoes, knows where it pinches” You are the reason why people have not yet discovered who you are!imageEverybody wants to make a mark in the sands of time.“The Henry Ford of the late 20th century was Bill Gates. Just as Ford revolutionized the transportation industry by creating a car that almost anyone could afford and drive, Bill Gates transformed the computer industry by designing a software that enabled everybody-not just the specialized technocrats-to to be able to use computers, and later making the personal computer a virtual necessity in every office, school, and home.

You can re-discover yourself by Dedicating more time to study who you really are and not wasting your time to show the world who you are not. By not giving up on yourself- you have to learn to encourage yourself before others can do that. By allowing people to see the simple version of whom you are- this can be the only way for them to really know you. By being you no matter the circumstances and situation, this helps to etch your trademark in the memory of fellow humans. Responsibilities are given to people who know their self-worth and real identity plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.“William Feather” Don’t be afraid to discover yourself. This is my identity, thanks for reading….. curled from my steemit blog.

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How do I discover my self-discovery?
I believe that self-discovery is an ongoing process that can be achieved through various methods such as introspection, journaling, and talking to close friends or family members. I think it's important to constantly be exploring and learning more about oneself in order to grow and develop into the best version of yourself.
How do you discover your identity?
The first step is to ask yourself what you enjoy doing, and what you're good at. From there, you can start to explore different options and find what fits you best. It's a process of trial and error, and eventually you'll find something that feels right.
What is the theory of self-identity?
The self-identity theory posits that people have a need to maintain a consistent self-image. In order to do so, people must integrate their various selves into a single, coherent identity.
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