Definition of Music and Diversity of Styles

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Everyone has a different definition of music. Music is different to everyone. Sure, music is a combination of sounds that combines to make harmony, but it’s more than that. Music has a different meaning. It may sound the same to any given person, but to one person a song could be happy and uplifting, and to another it could be sad and depressing. There is some universal music that most people like, like the Beatles, for instance, or the Beach Boys.

Music is more than just a harmony. Music is feelings, expressed in a way most human’ don’t have the skill for. But some very talented people have done the hard work for us, creating an art that is meant to be enjoyed, valued, and respected. Music has been created for so many different things; to cope with feelings, to protest something, to resolve a problem, to worship, to heal. Music can be created for nearly anything. Music can also apply to anyone. Not everyone likes the same thing, but everyone does, however, like something. Some people prefer pop; others prefer, rock, classical, R and B, rap, or blues. Music is one of the things where there truly is no limit in what can be created.

In that sense, music is similar to art; it is an art. The only limit is imagination, and the words coming from one’s thoughts, along with the rhymes and the rhythms. Together, these can be combined to create something that can be portrayed in anyway it is wanted to be. Music is a way to release emotions, in a style that be is popular. Music could be, for certain people, a way to get rich fast, or a way to calm down. It could be a way to get people hyped, relaxed, attentive, quiet, sad, happy, or tired. Another great thing about music is how much it varies. It comes all different styles, from slow, quiet, jazz, to quick, loud, rap, or hip hop. The lyrics vary. When a new piece of music is written, it is different then any other piece ever written.


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