Culture of Current Native American Life

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In the twenty first century it is hard to be anyone and it is especially hard to be a member of the first nations. Despite the fact that they are working really hard to keep their heritage, language and culture safe from intrusions, one might question the success of the efforts put.

In the late nineteenth and the twentieth centuries many of the innate youth decided to leave their homelands. Only a fewer number of Native Americans in the reservation were left. This was mainly due to the developing economic growth and the promises made by the government. However, since the non – existence of opportunities within the local areas many had to take this decision. The Native population according to the U.S. census bureau is less than two percent as of now. The pure population that was not mixed with any other race or culture is 1.26% and the combined population hits just 2.09%.

As a large number of the community has shifted their hometown and gone to live with the white men, they try to hide their identity. Though any white man would love to watch a tribal dance, or buy the bohemian jewellery or nod their head to the music, there are still difference when it comes to working in the same company together. They still have this belief that they are the powerful race. Hence many of the indigenous people gave up their culture, beliefs, language and even God.

To commemorate the national American Indian community, November is known as the Native heritage month. In this month the congress, the art gallery as well as the national museum and all the other United States ministries, get together to pay their tribute to the first nation. The Native civilization was rich with culture before the arrival of Europeans. The migrations were in large numbers hence the indigenous men had to be limited into certain areas, and live enclosed lives. There are still young men in these areas who believe that their ancestors were able to live a free life.

The Native settlements in the present are known as cultural areas. These are also known as reservations because in these areas the indigenous men live their free life. Many of these areas are safe, but there are some areas that are covered with violence and other criminal acts. In 2009, the U.S. Defence Appropriations Act included an apology to the first people of the United States. This could in some way explained as an apology for the initial invasions and the murders too.

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