Controversial Arguments about Abortion Legalization

Updated September 19, 2021

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Controversial Arguments about Abortion Legalization essay

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“We’re always going to argue about abortion. It’s a hard choice and it’s controversial, and that’s why I’m pro-choice because I want people to make their own choices,” says Hillary Clinton. People feel that abortion is evil because it is killing an unborn child. On the other hand, people believe it is a woman’s constitutional right to choose, but if one were to end an innocent child’s life is not only unethical and inhumane, but it is also morally wrong.

As well, the woman should be able to have the choice to choose abortion for several important reasons. The right to make these decisions should lie in the hand of the “mother” to make a decision concerning their own to make decisions concerning their own bodies. Abortion has been a controversial topic for many years. It is a sensitive thing to consider and talk about for many, but it should be discussed and argued about. When people have to choose to be pro-life or pro-choice is a big statement of opinion, but one debate out there is whether or not abortion should be legal in the united states. Abortion is a highly controversial issue that is affecting our society.

Abortion is very useful for two reasons. It prevents the creation of unwanted children and the creation of abnormal children. My mom had a friend who got an abortion because they found out that the baby girl, who they were named Isabella Marie, would have some serious problems. The brain bleed would not be allowed her to never speak, walk, or have a conscious thought based on where the bleed was on the brain. The friend and her husband decide that the best option would to terminate the pregnancy then going to have that acutally birth where the child would struggle until she died. Some women a pregnancy will threaten their psychological and mental well-being while an abortion, in some cases, will help them to lead better and more productive lives. However, some women adoption is not an issue.

There is a lot of reason why they won’t give their baby up. The first reason is young girls might be abused by their parents if their parents find out. Another thing they might not be able to give the baby up for adoption, keep the child, and possibly abuse it themselves. The last reason is they might not have the mental ability that the pregnancy might threaten their well being. I remember when I was in high school that a girl a few years younger than me, who I had a couples class with, got pregnant. I went to the nurse office one time and saw her take a test and it came out positive.

When she found out she just sat there with a blank stare. Her social worker and school counselor came into the office to help her find out what she was going to do next. The only thing she cares about how she was going to tell her parents. I saw a few weeks later and she told me that her parents wouldn’t let her keep the baby. Therefore, she could put the baby up for adoption or get an abortion. I went with her to adoption supports group and let me them they are very sad her some of their stories. After a few days, she just decides to get an abortion since she knew she didn’t want her baby raised by another family. She also felt that still being in high school that miss some of the high school events “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations, says the Bible. The Bible even supports abortion.

Genesis state that people are “in the image of God”, that they have the ability to understand, solve problems, and remember. The death of a fetus is considered the destruction of property instead of destruction of a person since the penalty is only a fine. It damaging to the woman, however, is a much worse crime since the punishment is much more severe. If a woman committed adultery, she is to have a bitter drink that poisons her to punish her and bring miscarriage. Therefore the Bible approve abortions in case of adultery by the woman. In biblical times, abortions were accomplished through poisoning the woman, clearly a cruel procedure. This method was done to the mother so the fetus can die or abuse the mother abdomen. For that reason, the mother would have serious pain if she ever convinces again.

Some prophets have a gift of being human before they are born. For example, before Jesus was born the angel told Joseph that Mary was going to have a child and that Joseph was to name him Jesus. He was a fully human child with a normal human birth mean he was born with natural birth. In the New Testament, there are strict moral rules in place. It doesn’t say anywhere that abortion is wrong or that a fetus is a person. The moral position is that people are people through their understanding and though. There are some supports who don’t think that abortion should be legal. Abortion is currently legal and many mothers have aborted their baby. When you have an abortion it is terminating a pregnancy after so much time has passed which mean ending a life of another. When babies don’t ask to come into the world, but these doctors who are supposed to be saving lives are ending many of them. This is why people are against abortion.

When you murder someone that is illegal, so why isn’t abortion. People think is in inhumane, this literally making doctors and mothers murderers. Yes, they don’t think of a fetus as a human being. The fetus has a right to live just everyone else does. People need to learn that murdering a fetus is the same as murdering a human outside the womb. Women don’t understand that they are murdering; however, they think to be reasonable and do the right thing. Murder is wrong to a lot of people but abortion is murder and people don’t consider it to be murder. Another con is not everyone is legal to give abortion and what point should abortion be allowed.

The movie Dirty Dancing is a classic film where a sexy ass Patrick Swayze dances with Jennifer Grey. If anything, it’s a reminder why abortion should be legal. Johnny’s dancing partner, Penny, seeks an abortion but it leaves her in pain. Eventually, Baby has to go to her father, a doctor, to help Penny. The notion of secret and unsafe abortions is all too real for many women around the world. Even within the pro-choice movement, there is some disagreement as to what point abortion should be allowed. Abortion is usually allowed up until the sixth month of pregnancy. There are many pro-choice supporters say that this is too later to perform an abortion since some fetuses might be able to survive on their own at this point. Some advocate legal abortions only until the third month of pregnancy or sooner when the embryo is less developed.

Controversial Arguments about Abortion Legalization essay

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