Comparison of Walmart and Target

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Similarities and Differences

Many people every day shop at these two major discount retailers all over the world. Walmart and Target have numerous similarities and difference which makes every one of the stores unique. Walmart and Target find strategic to approach their customers to be able to buy their merchandise. In this paper will explain the numerous differences and similarities that they each have what future strategies that Target will use to help there store.

Target and Walmart have expanded their products to the internet which makes it simpler for a customer to purchase an item. Both Target and Walmart have websites that are extremely simple to explore for a customer. At the point when a customer’s comes to both Target and Walmart websites they can see a search bar which makes it easy for a customer to discover items they are exactly looking for. On their websites you can see deals and various promotion that are going on for that day.

Some of the differences between Target and Walmart is the different quality of their apparel. Target quality of is cheaply made but will last a year. Walmart quality is so cheaply made that is will last only a month. Another difference between both Target and Walmart is the service. At Target when a customer ask for help “they also usually don’t know the answer to a question. Walmart staff on the other hand, do. And they are happy to tell help any customer – they lead me to wherever it is I need to go. “Greeters” aside, I like the staff at Walmart a lot more.”(meriahnichols).

Another difference is the layout of the store. While Target store has a better arrangement on goods which sis more attractive to the eye, they have more open space than Walmart, there shelves are more organized While Walmart layout is not really appealing with the lighting making it very deem to see and there aisles are so small and cramped that most of the products are crowded together in one section together. The clothing in Target is more fun clothing while Walmart has dull clothing that are not appealing to the eye and does not last a long time.

Some of the similarities that Target and Walmart have is that the two of them have a similar general set up when “home, clothing, auto, garden, home improvement and grocery departments. Back-to-school, Christmas and Halloween departments also pop up at the superstores, when in season. Both superstores provide the services of a photo center, deli and pharmacy.” (bizfluent) .

Target and Walmart each provide services such as deli, pharmacy and photo center areas. Another similarities is the cost of their items is that they are almost exactly alike with just a few changes on the cents but the dollar values remain the same. The two Targets and Walmart mission is to center revolve around that customers satisfied by saving money when they are shopping in the store. Target mission is to make their store a favored shopping place for their guest by delivering great value. Walmart mission is to have the option tp help people save money so they can live better.

Target and Walmart have a smooth online pick up in store at every locations, there “innovative Omni channel features, such as curbside pickup and in-app directions”(digitalcommerce360) new Walmart is the top retailers that has the best Omni channel leading with 159 and Target is the second best retailer with 158.5 on Internet Retailers research of 2019,Omnichannel Report.

Future Strategies for Target

As Target grows and continues become successful brand some things that will help them grow is to focus on their strengths like there discount programs they have such as the RED Card and the Cartwheel are the key strengths for the company. Target just need to focus on their discount program and make sure it is the best. Target should get customer feedback on the discounts.

Target need feedback form customers to see where they can improve the program and see if they should add more discounts. Target uses Omni Channel as there advantage to get new consumers to their store. There online website is very easy to negative and has great sales every week for consumers. I was looking up Targets customer service and I have found out that there delivery service is not that great as Target promotes it is, Target should be more genuine when it comes to their services they are providing to their customer.

They should have a better delivery system to endure that the customers gets there product on time, if there items comes past there expected delivery date they should give them a discount off and if the item is lost they should give them a full refund and a 20% discount on their next purchase. For the future Target should be working on smaller stores with cost effective and capital efficient way to get customers to their store.


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How does Target compare to Walmart?
The in-store shopping experience at Target is miles beyond the typical Walmart shopping experience . However, it comes at a cost and is balanced by Walmart's far-better online shopping interface. Target has wider aisles, less crowded shelves, department store-like merchandising, and trendy design touches.
Is Target more cheaper than Walmart?
Target is more expensive than Walmart.
Is Target more successful than Walmart?
Target is more successful than Walmart because it has a better selection of higher-quality items and its stores are more clean and inviting.
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