Book Report: Is About the Book Enders Game Reflective Essay

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Is about the book Enders Game. The novel opens with two unnamed characters discussing three siblings. They need someone to save the world from buggers and eventually decide that the youngest boy is the one to do it. The boy, six-year-old Andrew (or Ender) Wiggins begins the story by having a monitor that was installed on his body removed. The monitor made it so that the authorities could see the world from his perspective. From Ender’s inner thoughts the reader discovers that the monitor has made him a social outcast among his peers. His brother, Peter had a monitor also, but Ender’s monitor was in place for a year longer and Ender thinks that Peter hates him for this.

Ender is drugged to deal with the pain of removing the monitor and then returned to his class in school. Ender returns to class only to be teased by a boy named Stilson about being a “Third”. However, Ender feels that it is the government’s fault that he is a third since they were the ones that authorized his birth. Ender is bored by school and feels that he knows all the answers and doesn’t need to pay attention. After school, Ender is again cornered by Stilson and a group of his friends. He manages to talk the boys into letting him go and then kicks Stilson in the chest. Ender continues to kick Stilson several times very violently because he feels that it will get the boys to stop bullying him. Later, Ender waits for the school bus and cries because he feels that he is turning into his brother.

When Ender returns home, he is comforted by his sister, Valentine. Peter is still angry that Ender had his monitor longer than he did and decides that they are going to play a game called Buggers and Astronauts. During the game, Peter physically hurts Ender and takes the game too far. Ender wonders what it feels like to really be a bugger and what they must think about humans.

Ender is eating breakfast when a man comes to the door. When Ender is called into the parlor to talk to the man, he knows he has been chosen for something. The man asks Ender about the fight that he got into with Stilson. Ender admits that he did not want to hurt the boy, but he didn’t want to be hurt anymore either. After hearing this, the man introduces himself as Colonel Graff, director of the Battle School. He offers Ender an invitation to attend the school.

It is revealed that there are sanctions against having any more than two children that have gotten stricter over time. Graff implies that because Ender is a Third and his conception was only allowed by I.F. decree, he is basically I.F. property. However, Graff says that he wants Ender to choose to go to the school on his own because that is the only way he will do well. Graff says that mankind would have been destroyed before except for the heroics of a commander named Mazer Rackham and he tells Ender that they need him to save the world again on behalf of all the mankind. Ender finally agrees to go and says goodbye to his family.

When they arrive at the school, Ender tells Graff that he feels betrayed by the man. Graff informs him that his job is to train soldiers so that they can save the Earth. He also preaches that everyone is free until they are needed by their race and then they are only tools. He tells Ender that this is the way it will be until the war is over. Ender is lonely and cries at night before going to sleep but he begins learning very quickly and soon the other students begin to feel threatened by his attitude.

In his free time, Ender plays a game called Free Play which is a virtual reality mind game that the children are encouraged to play. There is a level called “Giant’s Drink” that Ender cannot seem to get past. In the level, a giant sets two drinks down in front of the player and the player must choose the one that is not poisoning to continue. However, Ender always chooses wrong and the game ends. Ender becomes so angered that he attacks the giant and the giant dies. After this, the game continues and welcomes him to Fairyland. Ender is saddened that he sunk to this level and not happy to be advancing.

At the Battle School, Ender is now nine years old. He is the leader of the Phoenix Army battalion and the top ranked soldier in the school. However, he is very depressed. Graff goes back to Earth to talk to Valentine because he feels that she needs to help Ender. He convinces her to write a letter to her brother but when Ender reads the letter, he sees through it immediately. He knows that they made her write it and that the goal was to show him that he isn’t like Peter. Ender is furious that they bothered his sister and corrupted his last true happiness. Graff decides to make Ender commander of the Dragon Army and give him mostly untrained students to command.

Meanwhile, Valentine and Peter have hacked into the computer system on Earth to sway public opinion. Valentine is going under the screen name Demosthenes and pretending to be a warmonger and anti-Russian while Peter is pretending to be a sweet, compassionate character named Locke who has a plan for world peace. The I.F. tracks them down but allows them to carry on what they are doing as it helps the Earth. Valentine has enjoyed being her alter-ego and is starting to feel like Demosthenes is her real self. One day, Graff picks her up from school and tells her that Ender is on Earth and wants to see her.

Ender begins to take to Command School well and begins another virtual game where he ends up being in Command of an entire fleet. Mazer Rackham introduces himself to Ender by attacking and subduing him. He tells him that as his enemy, he will be his most effective teacher. Ender begins to do nothing but command simulations and leading battalions. He becomes more depressed than ever. One day, Rackham tells him that he is to take a final test to see if he can graduate. Ender is happy at first to be nearing the end of the school but when he sees the battle and realizes that it is the most difficult one, he has ever faced he despairs. Ender picks himself up quickly and wins the battle. He destroyed the planet that the creatures were living on and everyone in the room cheers. After the simulation is done, Ender learns from Graff and Rackham that it wasn’t a simulation at all, and he really did just blow up the bugger planet. Ender is furious for being used and ill over having destroyed an entire race.

In the last chapter of the book, Ender tries to find a way to help during peace time but finds that he doesn’t know how. Valentine tells him that Peter is in control of the Earth and he can never go home. Valentine is also leaving. She plans to go to the first colonization of the bugger planet and asks if Ender wants to come. Ender does not want to remember that he killed all the buggers, so he declines, initially. Valentine convinces him by reminding him that she loves him and that he can repay the buggers by learning about their planet and their past


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Is Enders game a short story?
No, Ender's Game is not a short story. It is a science fiction novel written by Orson Scott Card.
What is the book Ender's Game about?
Ender's Game is a science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card. The book is about a young boy who is drafted into the International Fleet to fight in a war against the Formics, an alien race.
Why did the author write Ender's Game?
The author wrote Ender's Game to tell a story about a boy who is drafted into an elite military school to fight in a war against an alien race.
Why you should read Ender's Game?
Myths are stories that are a part of a culture, and literature is a form of storytelling. Myths often serve as inspiration for literature, and both often explore universal themes.
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