Birth Control Should be a Free

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Birth Control is the act of preventing pregnancy whether it be by using condoms, IUD devices, medical procedures and medicines referred to as the “pill”. In the modern day of 2018, birth control should be seen as a reproductive liberty. It is a way to give women of legal age control of what they want to do with their bodies, since you only get one. Birth control and abortions also allow organizations like Planned Parenthood for flourish and continuously proved options and services of all kind to women who require it. According to Susan Buttenwieser of the Women’s Media Center (2018) as of lately, the Trump Administration has been making changes to the funding of the Planned parenthood organization. This is causing it to become harder to fund family planning services such as abortions, birth control, and so on.

Based on my personal beliefs, I believe birth control should be a free option to every woman in America paying taxes. This is because things happen that are out of our control such as sexual assaults and even rapes. Allowing birth control to be free can give a woman a freedom to take back the reins on her body if she has been violated without her permission. Also children do not choose to be born and with birth control it ensures that children are only born when they are guaranteed the proper care.

When slavery was legal African American women were raped and bred for profit. The more babies meant more profit which also meant birth control wasn’t necessary. (Roberts. 1997) After the backlash of slavery it was “minimalized” to racism and segregation. African American women were paid indentured servants only making the bare minimum to survive. Usually these African American women left their home along with their children to go nurture and care for another’s family. Even after slavery was abolished and segregation was outlawed the government started to provide birth control as a way to control the population. It was seen as a necessity so that the black communities did not expanded but taxed as a luxury.

Coming around too early 2000s and late 1980s taxpayers offer those single mothers who are unable to provide for their kids. It has been said in the past that African American women who give birth to children they cannot afford nowadays are seen as, “Welfare Queens.” This is o to say that as same as slavery there is still a profit off of having children. The more children she has the more monthly assistance will increase along with EBT or SNAP. (Roberts.1997). In the end birth control should be an option. It can be used to prevent unnecessary births and causing the overpopulation of lower income communities.

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