Benefits of Putting Child into Competetiv Sports

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Is putting a child into competitive sports beneficial to them? People argue whether competitive sports have a positive or negative effect on kids. Participation in these sports is very beneficial to the youth. They can help students academically and physically. First of all, competitive sports can provide a healthier body and lifestyle by lowering the risk of obesity. A study that was mentioned in the article “Sports can promote healthy weight in teenagers” which was published by The New York Times states “In their study, which was published in the Journal Pediatrics Dr. Drake and his colleagues tried to quantify the impact that greater sports participation and less reliance on mass transit might have on childhood obesity. They calculated that if all adolescents played on at least two sports teams per year — in other words, one team per season — obesity rates would plunge 26 percent and the prevalence of overweight adolescents would fall by 11 percent. And if all adolescents walked or biked to school at least four days a week, they found, the number who were obese would drop by 22 percent.” This shows that if all children played on at least 2 sports teams per year, it would have a massive positive effect on obesity rates providing a healthier body for them. Furthermore, in the article “The Impact of Sports on Middle School Students” it states “The long-term effects of inadequate physical activity can include obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, so it is important that middle schoolers build active habits instead of spending their free time watching television, playing video games or using a computer…Kids who are active in school sports are fitter, have healthier body weights, and are more confident.” If kids have healthier body weights by participating in competitive sports, that means fewer kids are overweight, lowering the rates of obesity. Not only do competitive sports help maintain a healthy body and lifestyle but it also increases grades in school and focus. The article “Sports Are More Important Than Ever” states “According to a 2013 report from the Institute of Medicine, physically active kids have more focus, are better problem solvers, and score higher on tests.” This study proves that the time spent playing sports helps increase focus and grades in school. Additionally, in the article “The impact of Sports on Middle School” it states “Students participating in one or more interscholastic sports had an average grade point average of 3.151, while non-athletes had an average of 2.4, according to a study of interscholastic sports participation published in the NASSP Bulletin, the journal of the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Athletes have higher grades than non-athletes even when socioeconomic status, gender, age, and family composition are taken into account.” Even with so many external factors taken into account, athletes still have higher grades than kids that don’t participate in competitive sports. A few people argue that playing competitive sports can create stress emotionally for kids. However, they are misinformed because it’s been proven that participation in such sports can actually reduce stress. For example, in the article “The impact of Sports on Middle School” it states “Exercise also helps reduce stress levels, anxiety, and behavioral problems. Regular physical activity helps you relax better and reduces muscular tension.” Not only can participating in sports help reduce stress, but it also has other emotional and physical benefits too. Adding on, in the article “The benefits of team sports” it says “When kids have early, positive experiences with coaches, they seek out and learn from mentors who can help them in school, jobs, and other interests…While the official reason may be practicing for the team, an even greater benefit is the time you get to spend together.” All these factors help to contribute to helping reduce stress levels because of the positive mood being built around children. Therefore, the above examples show why playing competitive sports is beneficial to kids. It can help kids academically, physically, and emotionally. Competitive sports have been a part of our culture for so long, and that should not change.

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