Arguments for God Really Exists

Updated July 11, 2022

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Arguments for God Really Exists essay

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The curiosity of if God really exists or not has been a big question for decades and have created numerous arguments around the globe. Descartes’, one of the ancient philosophers argued that he has developed evidence which can prove that God exists through a long process of thoughts running though his mind. He talks about how we must first exist for us to think and believe that God exist, which he elaborates on this throughout the writings. Descartes’ shows proof that God exists. It is an efficient way and helps a person get rid of any doubt they may have on God.

In meditations, Descartes’ starts by talking about him as someone who can think. He clears any doubts he has had in the past which is related to his sensory moments. Even though sensory perception does not exist on the outer part of his body, they still exist in the inner part of him which he is trying to clear up so they don’t become the mean of thinking. Descartes’ used this technique to approach the truth but it still wasn’t good enough for him to get rid of the sensory perceptions. He states that a person cannot exist alone; humans were made through infinite substances and they have the most power of intelligence. The substance he is talking about is directly related to God. Descartes’ says God is the reason why human beings exist.

In the readings, Descartes’ liberates on how humans develop desires and doubts through personal interpretations. One thing he says is humans lack a few things which they have no idea about, and they would never know if it wasn’t if it weren’t for the existence of an ideal presence. Descartes’ continuously repeats why people shouldn’t doubt God being existent since he believes that his reasoning of God is a reality and more proven than any other theory.

Ever since Descartes’ has come to the belief that God exists, he asked himself on how he came to the conclusion of proving how God exists. He talked about three ideas: adventitious, innate and factitious. He describes Adventitious as ideas which are extracted from knowledge we face throughout our lifetime. Factitious are ideas which are created with our creative knowledge. Innate are ideas on what god has sent us to this earth with and stays along with you throughout your life.

Even though the meditation readings focus on the God being present, Descartes brings up this similar point of argument. He states, “The essence of material things, and the existence of God considered a second time”. Descartes’ describes two things in this meditation: existence is one and the other is essence. He says that before you know what exists, you have to know its essence. If you know the essence of it, it helps you find out if they might exist and not actually be there. Along with this belief of essence and existence. God is excused in this situation.

Even though Descartes’ has given many reasoning’s regarding his claims about God’s existence, people and ancient philosophers raise arguments against this belief in God existing. Descartes’ saying of “infinite being” is something we don’t know about since we don’t have a clear vision of this God. He argues that he was able to visualize the infinite being and that’s why he believes the claims must be valid. Whenever we think of an ideal being, it doesn’t mean that it always or must exists. Descartes’ says that thinking of something or someone does not validate their existence.

Descartes’ arguments justify that his proofs and reasoning’s aren’t strong enough and do not entirely prove infinite one being there. Descartes’ presents himself with rational reasoning through his intelligence, but he hasn’t provided enough radical reasoning regarding God’s existence. In this whole sequence, he describes God being present and being and called him a human who is yet not perfect. The problem with this statement is that how can someone who is not a perfect human themselves reason what an infinite being is like without themselves being infinite. Through his meditations, it doesn’t seem he is providing proof the infinite one; feels more like he is providing explanations which are his own ideas on God.

Every person sees the “infinite being” differently. Each person can have a different idea of God depending on the way they believe and think of God. This is why I feel his reasoning on why God really is infinite still remains a debatable topic.

Arguments for God Really Exists essay

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