Argumentative Synthesis: The Culture of Shut Up

Updated April 21, 2022

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Argumentative Synthesis: The Culture of Shut Up essay

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Freedom of speech can be defined as a human right that every human has regardless of his caste, creed or color to express his opinion freely without having to worry about the retaliation, censorship or penalty. Freedom of speech allows a person to impart, express and share ideas and opinions and is a power that has been vested in the people under 1st and 14th amendment in US Constitution. Freedom of speech is entirely dependent on the ability to accommodate opinions and perspectives of others. In today’s world, communication has become extremely easy and has allowed humans all over the world to voice their opinions. All thanks to the internet and globalization, now anyone anywhere in the world can say anything they want about something and this highlights the importance of using a power without manipulating it. The culture of shut up has emerged from the same issue, the issue of internet being a platform full of erroneous, mindless, useless and unreliable information. The Culture of Shut up is written by Jon Lovett, speechwriter of ex president Obama who highlighted the importance of being kind to one another and being open to the idea of having differing opinions. Freedom of speech is an amazing thing as it allows people to stand up for themselves and voice their interesting ideas. Lovett spoke against the idea of putting one another down and supported the idea of building one another up. But it’s important to consider the cons of freedom of speech and the importance of controlling the unregulated public.

Thesis statement: Freedom of speech is important but it is equally important to regulate masses and control those who exhibit hate and extremism in their speech and the difficulty with the freedom of speech on social media is the hateful content is a growing concern. As soon as free speech converts into hate speech, the venom can act as a facilitator for violence, conflict, and extra unfair treatment. And that’s what is happening on the social media as well as in electronic media. So it’s important to be kind to one another but it’s important to control those who misuse the power.

As per the Law Dictionary, opportunity of articulation is the privilege to state what you need through any media, as long it doesn’t hurt the ‘character of notoriety’ of another person. Freedom of speech is secured in the U.S. by the principal change and is an important power that’s vested in the public to allow them to talk and express their views and ideas without getting attacked. “More than ever, communication today depends on the freedom to accommodate the emergence of new ideas. It’s how movements grow, how societies evolve their patterns of thinking and behaving, and how we re-think approaches to governance. It’s no news that the Internet—the new public square— has dramatically increased our freedom to communicate. But like all freedoms, this one requires everyone’s vigilance. (2)

Particularly with the increased use of the web and the internet, freedom of speech may take into account the simple spread of false data or untruths. One example is the possibility that antibodies prompt a mental imbalance, a bit of falsehood that is unsafe but then does not hurt the character of a specific individual. While it may be secured discourse, it is false and can prompt unvaccinated kids getting or transmitting preventable maladies. Thus, false information is spread using such platforms and freedom of expression is misused. Further, freedom of speech can regularly prompt criticism of character. Despite the fact that culprits may later be compelled to withdraw their announcements, the harm may as of now have been finished. Hate speech against minorities, gay people etc is another major issue and is a growing concern. “When free speech turns to hate speech, the vitriol can act as a catalyst for violence, unrest, and further victimization. Often, it can incite xenophobic acts, violent hate crimes, and even genocide.” (3)

Opportunity to talk freely secures discourse that some contend can prompt physical brutality against different gatherings, for example, abhor discourse towards an ethnic gathering prompting murdering individuals from that gathering or savage erotica empowering savagery against ladies. Freedom to express oneself makes its own mystery: a general public doesn’t genuinely have the right to speak freely if individuals are not permitted to make affirmations that are disagreeable or disliked to the main part of the populace, yet these announcements can be frightful to others.

These days, individuals can remark on any issue openly, and the Internet is viewed as the most imperative thing in their day by day life, since they can post any words they need to state on the Internet helpfully, and even affront others by writing hostile words. Albeit a great many people in present day society underscore the right to speak freely, there is still a considerable measure of significant issues caused by it, including hurtful discourse, unsalvageable occasions, and abuse of this flexibility.” The freedom of free speech is one of the core principles of democracies. In the United States, it is one of the most debated, most protected, and most valued liberties. But with this great liberty rears the ugly side of free speech: hate speech.” (4)

Initially, the right to speak freely can hurt individuals. On account of the comfort of the Internet, even a word can extraordinarily cause numerous individuals. Netizens leave different sorts of negative messages on the Internet, and some are mysterious. They don’t consider these offending words shameless. Now and again these remarks go for a man, and it might be for reasons unknown. The marvel is called, ‘Cyberbully.’ However, Netizens have no clue that they ought to be in charge of the outcomes, yet their remarks may prompt the casualties’ perpetual mental mischief.

Second, mortifying remarks can bring about a suicide. Whenever an ever increasing number of individuals assault a man with pessimistic words, he or she will be exceptionally disturbed, and when the individual can’t adapt to the circumstance, he or she may pitifully depend on submitting suicide. When, the outcome is irreversible, and it’s past the point where it is possible to lament. “The way we think about freedom of speech and expression in the age of globalization is indeed a matter of national security because terrorists, just like everyone else, have long been leveraging the Internet for their purposes.” (4)

Third, individuals promptly remark on each occasion and anybody, yet it might be illicit. At times individuals utilize awful dialect to pass on their feelings, however they might be sued by others, and the Internet is no exemption. Police can discover Netizen area and rebuff them, regardless of whether they are mysterious.

Taking everything into account, free discourse is completely critical to everyone, and it is significant to secured, yet to make minority likewise appreciate the advantage of free discourse, it is essential for government to make an insurance to ensure them. In any case, this isn’t making a boycott to free discourse, since the right to speak freely has a place with human rights that everyone ought to appreciate. Numerous individuals may consider that free discourse ought to be absolutely not hesitating to state everything, and this is critical. People should be allowed to say what they want, give ideas and share their opinions and no one should be stopped from doing so. That’s what starts great things and great movements but letting people say mean things is not okay.

To aggregate up, disregarding flexibility for our discourse, despite everything we need to strike a harmony amongst law and speech. We not just should be worried about others’ emotions, yet in addition need to treasure this flexibility and utilize it well. It’s important to have a balance between law and freedom of expression as it’s important to protect people from extremism, hate crime and other atrocities. And without control, people are bound to manipulate and misuse power that’s given to them. Hence, there’s nothing wrong with freedom of speech and one should be allowed to voice his opinion freely but it’s equally important to make sure that no one’s sentiments are hurt, opinions are respected and no one is attacked, badmouthed or terrorized and no false information is spread. Only then a peaceful yet an open way to communicate with one another can be achieved.

Argumentative Synthesis: The Culture of Shut Up essay

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