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Roger Williams and Henry Thoreau about Freedom of Religion

Henry Thoreau and Roger Williams had faith that their society can live a life of freedom whether it is people not being forced upon state religion or being able to stand up against an unjust government. Roger and Henry both use three values in their letters and passages. Those values are Ethos, Logos, and pathos….


Freedom of Religion

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Religious Freedom 

This case ruled that school enforced prayer was a violation of the First Amendment, more specifically the Establishment Clause. Soon after these cases were settled, another federal court case caught the attention of the nation, the Wallace vs. Jaffree case. In 1985 appellees challenged the constitutionality of moments of silence. They claimed that the Alabama…


Freedom of Religion

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Freedom of Religion in the United States

Freedom of religion is why some people have come to make our country the place of their new home. The Freedom of religion states that the government cannot force a religion on you; you can be of any religion you desire and practice that religion freely. This amendment is one of the reasons we get…


Freedom of Religion

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Religious Liberty is Important

Having Religious liberty is almost like having freedom of speech, it’s just as important to respect people’s religions and beliefs as it is to respects others opinions. You might not always agree with their beliefs and/or opinions but it’s always good to at least ignore them and go on with your life. The state should…

Freedom of Religion

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