Andy Goldsworthy Research Paper Analytical Essay

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Andy Goldsworthy is known to create art that is pleasing to the eye by using what he takes from the environment to produce sculptures. Goldsworthy is a true genius in the art of melting ice together, gathering wood, or accumulating rocks in exciting ways (. As he creates his own significant art and places his creations show pure beauty and amazement.

Goldsworthy was born on July 26, 1956, in the United Kingdom. He was the son of a mathematician while growing up living and working on farms in his village (Dainius, 2016). He developed a mindset of becoming a British sculptor and land artist that almost immediately led to becoming a photographer to further develop his artwork. Goldsworthy believed his artistic journey was his “connection with nature,” and ultimately allowed him to search for various materials and how he could create pieces of meaning and depth. His creations took patience and flexibility towards sculpting ice and stacking different objects for his art projects. He spent some years studying at Bradford School of Art and Preston Polytechnic and is now making art in the environment between both rural and urban cultures. Goldsworthy soon had gained a significant reputation for himself with his different ways of drawing out the character of a landscape art piece.

His interest in specific geographical points of land, history with the relationship between organic material with the land as a mere canvas. His love and appreciation of nature have given many artists also practice the art of landscape to pinpoint the artistic pleasure in his projects. Andy Goldsworthy started working hard labor on farms at the age of thirteen years old as his artwork defines the life of creations from its growth. Goldsworthy is known as one of the biggest contemporary sculptors that have the skills and passion to use natural elements to create art.

In the mid-1990s, Goldsworthy had become a well-known artist that public and private classes all over the world began to rival around his artwork. Many critics did not share his point of view for his artwork of nature but respected his creations. He presented a certain approach to developing fine artistic structures using clay to create from his imagination. He has a fascination with stone arches, curvilinear tree trunks, and nature’s environment, and embraces point of human activity remaining on the landscape. He owes his love towards nature to his family that informed him of agriculture at a young age and ever since then he has presented his works at many art shows. Andy claims that farming was his inspiration behind becoming a sculptor as it shows him rarely using artificial elements. Photography played a large role in his artwork as for some of the creation tend to not last as quoted from him “Each work grows, stays, dies” a part of a cycle that shows its depth and points that the art is alive.

The captured moments of art he created have won several awards; the North West Arts Award for the intensity and nature outlook of the art and images he placed. This 40-year old British artist who uses nature sparked the question with his works of art is a great beauty that comes from natural materials to create something new. It was then that he began to explore the different patterns of nature and began to develop his own style. Goldsworthy studio soon as part of the outdoors as he discovers he is better there than college studio. He soon learned how nature is in a state of change and how change is the key to understanding as he wanted his art to be sensitive and ready for different outcomes. Time and the notion of the aspects of life that the environment and just as humans have in common. He was able to pursue his ideas only in the previous journey to predict what different materials will form for his project. “As from the source his first really famous project was in the United States and came in 1997 with “The Storm King Wall” at a sculpture park at the Storm King Arts Center in New York. It was a massive 600m wall made entirely from rocks he found in the area. He did not use any kind of mortar (Ellah, 2020).”
Most of his artwork was based on the environment to give it quality like other living things as he still out there creating new art pieces. The very pinpoint of the extent of artistic point of view is difficult itself even for Andy Goldsworthy that stays engaged in his career he was determined to find the beauty of the environmental styles.

The physical development of his sculptures and artwork within landscapes help him become familiar with other British artists and their progress toward environmental art. At one point in his career, he came to a dead end with the search of a change in nature so he attempts to challenge our ideas of stillness by using the elements that we really think will last forever but they most likely to change over time. In the center of all his work is a deep sense of loneliness and the solution that only he understands to refer to his past. The important journey of Andy Goldsworthy was to explore the nature of change and to show the role earth materials have in his art activity of balance and pleasure within the piece. In the late ’90s soon he published a series called “Sheep Paintings” which he used a large canvas while in a sheep pasture that is surrounded by smears and mud with the sheep in the center of it. Andy’s work has brought him a long way as he had to build his career up with his own two hands to create his art sculptures that are now placed in galleries around New York. He begins to develop a body of art he doesn’t just use a pad and pencil he would rather use his home as a base to construct a large sculpture for artwork. Andy tends to blend his art with the environments to produce a different visual point of view piece the refers to nature and the influences by agriculture in life and deep connection with the earth itself.

In summary, art is in the eye of the creator, and how we perceive it is our reality. Andy Goldsworthy was a creator of natural art and renowned in his field and worked up to 2017. His craft evolved into what he believes is a collaboration between nature and human beings. Goldsworthy worked in nature and excelled as a sculptor, environmentalist, photographer, and landscape artist which was a combination in his works. He was absorbed in the societal history of the land that he operated, human inhabitants, and their relationships.

Despite the challenges in his personal life, he has created some most eccentric and well-known artwork. As noted, Goldsworthy was passionate about his work and what he could leave long after he has left this earth.


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How does Andy Goldsworthy create his work?
Andy Goldsworthy creates his work by using natural materials such as leaves, twigs, and stones found in the environment. He arranges them in intricate patterns and shapes, often using the natural landscape as a canvas for his art.
What are Andy Goldsworthy's beliefs?
Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who creates site-specific sculptures and installations from materials found in the landscape. He believes that the materials he uses and the locations he chooses are as important as the finished work.
What methods does Andy Goldsworthy use?
Andy Goldsworthy uses a variety of methods to create his artwork. He often uses natural materials that he finds in the environment around him, such as leaves, twigs, and stones. He also often uses a camera to document his work.
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